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Your Contribution Matters: Nothing Is Insignificant

We’re all here for a purpose. Whether that purpose is creating little humans that will one day change the world or creating a cure for cancer. We’re all here to make changes to this circular rock. Nothing is insignificant.

  • Maybe you create your own homemade items to sell.

  • Maybe you are a heart surgeon that saves lives each day.

  • Maybe you are a parent pulling cheerios out of noses.

  • Maybe you’re a general labor worker creating new buildings.

  • Maybe you’re a farmer creating produce to feed the nation.

  • Maybe you’re an actor/actress creating entertainment to get people through their day.

  • Maybe you work at a gas station helping other people on their commutes.

There are contributions that we make to this world on a daily basis. Even though we may forget that our contributions matter, they still do. Everything you do creates a ripple effect on the world. The decision you made to graduate high school, go to college, start a family, create a product, write a book… and so on. Everything makes its mark.

I say these things to you today because it’s easy to feel like you don’t matter. It’s east to get lost in translation through this large world that seems to provide no reward for efforts made. However, step outside. Smell the air around you, view the trees and the flowers or grab a drink. All of these things are a product of a small contribution that someone did to get what you see, smell and touch.

You are included.

My mother, who is a waitress, gave the world a writer. Someone who uses her imagination and daily life to create stories for people to lose themselves in on a daily basis. She created an artist who created a tabletop RPG game from nothing and has the mouth of a serpent. He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. She created IT tech. Someone with a mind that can grasp things like a sponge and contribute to the technological world we are diving so deep into.

She may not be a famous movie star or a world class doctor, but her contributions to this world have made an impact and they continue to do so today.

No matter your profession. Parent, doctor, lawyer, ditch digger, farmer or convenience store clerk.

You are making changes.

Don’t ever stop.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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