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Wow It Really Works! 🧡 Create Engaging Article Titles

Anyone who has a dream of becoming a writer, wants for others to read their work. They want others to be impacted by their work, interact with them and share that work with others. If someone tells you that they want to be a writer, that doesn’t mean that they wish to scribble information into a tiny notebook and hide it under their mattress. They want the world to view their words.

Yet so many amazing writers get overlook due to analytic issues, uninspiring titles or uninteresting topics.

Although I cannot fix the analytics of a site or choose the topics of your pieces for you… I can present you with some information to assist you in creating titles that will have your views climbing.

There are some websites and articles I have found that assist with this particular subject, but before I present those to you, I would like to let you know some of the things that have worked for me throughout the past year.

  1. Recurring Titles: I have some posts on here that have recurring titles. Not exactly the same, of course, but similar enough that my consistent readers know what to expect from the piece.

  2. Adding Emojis: Adding Emojis to a title seems to have a positive effect. My assumption is because this is not often done upon this platform. I would not suggest doing this for every article, but every once in a while, doesn’t hurt.

  3. The WOW factor: Adding phrases such as “Check out this…” or “It really works..” can entice readers to take a peek at what (apparently) is so interesting in your piece.

  4. A Little Begging Wouldn’t Hurt, Right?: Although it isn’t popular to talk about, it is beneficial. If you create a piece with a title that begins or ends with “Read Me,” “Please Don’t Ignore” or even “This Title is Awesome,” There’s a good chance people are going to get intrigued enough to click on your piece.

Just some little tidbits that may add some zest to the pieces you have yet to create or even to articles you’ve already made.

Making interesting titles can be an afterthought for some writers, but some writers base entire written pieces off of a Title they’ve created. It’s based on personal preference. It really doesn’t matter as long as the title you choose invokes enough interest to get someone to click the link.


Throughout this past year, I have been searching through the web, as well as on Medium for information on how to gain more connections, create better pieces or impact readers in a meaningful manner and have found some amazing information.

Writers like Jenn Leach, Nicole Dake and Kiran K-Star, to name a few, all create pieces that are helpful in gaining information on these topics.

However, the choice of titles is 100% up to you and this can sometimes seem as an overwhelming amount of responsibility. So, we look to others for guidance. Here are some locations I have found that provide helpful tips on creating article or blog titles.

Websites: *Click the name to view the article.

Articles on *Click the name to view the article.

74 Attention-Grabbing Blog Titles That Actually Work As much as Upworthy and Buzzfeed get grief over their titles, you can’t argue that their ‘curiosity gap’ titles

How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Readers Can’t Resist Titles don’t have to be catchy, but they should


There are so many other locations out there that go over aspects of blog title creation. All you need to do is look. If you're struggling, chances are, there are others out there that have struggled too and have made it easier on the rest of us.

Even after gaining guidance, make sure that the titles you choose for your pieces are what work best for your audience. After all, they are the ones that will be reading your work.

Good luck on your journey!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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