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Women in Business: Interview with Crystal Williams

Woman ran businesses are growing in numbers as we cast off the shackles of previous gender roles! More and more females are starting their own home-based businesses to help support their families after the horrid pandemic shook the financial status of the United States.

I was able to speak to a Mrs. Crystal Williams about her growing business and get a firsthand glance into her world. With cooking, cleaning and caring for her children, she was able to begin a business from nothing and blossom it into a financial stabilizer for her household.

Let's see what Crystal had to say!

Q: What Is your business?

A: My business is "Chrissies Crafty Creations 🌻" it's decals, cups, budget binders, clothes and more!

Q: What made you want to start such a business?

A: I like to do craft things and challenge myself. So, I thought learning to make decals, cups and much more would be a cute way to gift people and show off my talents as I go.

Q: Do you feel like a role model for other women?

A: In a way yes, I feel like a role model. I feel like I can set an example of you can be and do anything you set your mind to. You just have to stay focused and keep pushing for your goals. Soon as you reach that goal set a higher one and go for that. You won't ever get anywhere in life if you allow others negative opinions to overrule your mind and decisions.

Q: How do you balance your business with your home life?

A: I'm currently a stay-at-home mom due to health issues. However even when I was working, I would get my kids up to school dogs fed and let out/put up in kennels, me ready, husbands' lunch ready and out the door to drop kids off to school. Me to work, then pick kids up from school. I'd come home get kids a snack let dogs out, clean up some while I cooked dinner. Bathe the kids and let them play for a little then off to bed they'd go. While my kids sleep, I would work on any orders I'd have. I'd do orders throughout my office days as well. You just got to find what works best for you and your family. Family always comes first!

Q: How do you promote your business?

A: I like to promote my business by doing random giveaways. Such as I will have people invite "x" amount of people to my business page for an entry into a drawing for a free decal or item of my choosing. I also show off the items I've made through my TikTok videos, and I also post them on my Etsy shop " Chrissies CC".

Q: Is it difficult to find new customers?

A: No, it's not really difficult to find new customers. I've got a bunch of people interested in items. It's just a matter of me keeping things diverse and appealing to all my followers (men, women, kids).

Q: How do you feel your business will be doing in five years?

A: I have high hopes and dreams for my business. I know it will be booming in 5 years. I plan to start selling safety keychains, custom shirts, bags and more by new year if not sooner!

Q: Do you ever get overwhelmed?

A: Yes! There have been times where I've gotten sick or just been too tired or my anxiety has just taken control of me, and I'd have 4+ orders to take care of and when my anxiety is in effect it makes me feel like anything is impossible. But I remember to breathe and do one thing at a time, and I eventually get it all done!

Q: What is the biggest issue that you run into with running your business?

A: Shipping! Shipping is a hard thing for me right now. I've had people complain about shipping prices, but unfortunately, I only charge what the post office charges me. I've also had the post office loose packages before and it made my business look bad, so I had to remake and send out items again.

Q: What advice would you like to give other women who are looking to start their own business?

A: The best advice I could give you is to not overthink it. Don't worry about what when or how. Just jump right in and start doing it. Don't listen to anyone who has anything negative to say. I had people trying to pull me down and hurt me with words, but I bought my circuit machine and other tools I needed, then I binge watched YouTube until I learned how to do what I'm doing. Anytime I'm stuck I go to YouTube and watch videos to learn and educate myself on new things. I surround myself by positive people and things. I posted my first creations for cheap to see how people liked it and it went from there. My business has now been open and running for five months and it's booming! If I would have listened to those negative people, I'd still be bored and fiddling my thumbs. However, I'm blossoming in my business my name is getting out there, my work is getting out there, and I now have two business accounts that are selling my work! Trust in yourself and make that first step, it may be tough at first, but you won't regret it! I promise and the best of luck to you! I know you can do it! I believe in you! 🙂💜

This conversation with Mrs. Williams was a huge eye opener for me. Although I create items that sell through amazon, I have not generated a full physical home-based business. I loved getting some insider information from someone going through it right now.

Plus - she just got married, just had surgery and is still going strong! An inspiration in so many ways!

If you are interested in viewing products Mrs. Williams has available through Crissy's Creations CLICK HERE and get started!

Let's start shining some light onto these smaller women-ran home-based businesses! These individuals are working hard to support their families while simultaneously wrangling young children in the process. Those have to be some tough ladies. I can barely get laundry done with my children hanging around my neck.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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