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Why Don't We Fight for Our Dreams?

When we are young, we have visions of what our lives are going to be like when we are older. We picture the job we will have, the home, the spouse and even the family. Creating this amazing world within our minds that would otherwise not exist.

Then… we grow up.

We start going through the motions of life. Finding different jobs, falling in an out of love, having friends and losing them… creating a reality.

For many, we would hope that the amazing world we originally envisioned would come alive. For most, that’s not the case.

Changes need to be made for one reason or another. Pregnancy, health, injury, bad decisions and unexpected natural disasters can create rifts in our path. We try desperately to hold onto the dream of our childhood dream. Pushing through the hurdles we face with gritted teeth. It depresses me that so many people give up or change course.

We can’t handle struggle — so instead of facing it head on, we bolt. Sure, some will push forward for a while, but then… we wear thin. We fall short on finances, or we have priorities that supersede our dreams. Once those priorities are met, we have the option to go back and pick up where we left off.

But do we? Of course not. We’re too engulfed in the life we have created with all of these changes that we just continue on that path. Why?

Because it’s easier!

The easier option is also, in most cases, the safest option. It’s too scary to leave a job we hate to find our dream career, it’s too scary to leave our spouse of 20 years, even if we have always been unhappy and it’s much too scary to try to clean up an addiction when you’ve been doing it for so long throughout your life.

Why can’t we take risks? Why can’t we hop out of our comfort zones and strive for something better than ourselves?

We can. But first… we must fight through the fear.

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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