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Where Do All the Socks Go?!: Motherhood Questions

The burning question on every parent's mind that do mountains of laundry is....

Where are all the paired socks?!

I did a video about this very subject on my YouTube channel, I go over the funny suggestions, my assumptions and my resolution.

If you're anything like me, each person in your family has about two weeks to one month worth of socks. Yet, no matter what we do or say, we always end up with a laundry basket, bag or trashcan full of unmatched socks somewhere in our homes.

There are humorous reasons for this given. Such as, little elves come and take socks out of the dryer. However, the reality is much less magical and exciting.

Throughout this video, I go over many places you may be able to find loose missing socks.

  • Under beds, couches or even refrigerators.

  • Behind washer and dryers.

  • Behind the toilet.

  • In backpacks.

All are places you wouldn't think loose socks would be hiding, but any parent could tell you that children make anything possible.

I also go over some of the options for trying to keep socks together so you can lower the load up unmatched mates in your laundry basket.

In our household, we have a specific basket dedicated to dirty socks, so that I can do a full load of socks in one wash. Some choose to purchase Mesh Sock Laundry bags to place socks in to keep them together. Which is a good plan, if the socks going to laundry baskets at the same time, that is.

Another option could be to just buy new socks every week and throw all the old socks you find away. Which I suppose could solve the problem, but then would generate a new financial issue.

I don't know about you, but I cannot afford and $80 purchase amount for socks every week. I would get frustrated at having to go out to the store to get them each week without fail or would forget that I set up an ongoing Amazon purchase for socks each week and overspend to the point of an overdrafted bank account.

Nope, I think the designated sock basket is the best bet for me.

How do you keep your socks from going missing?

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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