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What We Decided to Get Our Littles for Christmas

Shhhh. They Don’t See My Articles Yet

This year we have been spending a massive amount of our shopping time for Christmas on Amazon. It’s easier with our schedules plus… it hides the gifts easier when they arrive to the house.

Since we’re not made of money, we’ve had to grab things that are a bit financially convenient.

This got me thinking, I’m sure many others are trying to be cost conscious this year with their purchases for the holidays. So, I have gotten a list together (with links) of a few of the things we purchased.

(These gifts are for ages ranging from 2 to 12 years old)

Hope it helps guys!

Lenovo ThinkPad 11 e 11.6" LED Chromebook Laptop: Both of our boys asked for a computer for the holidays this year. They want to be able to play their games and connect with each other while they do. This was the best choice we found without breaking the bank.

Fire 7 Tablet, 7" Display: Lillian (our 6-year-old) wanted a tablet to download and play games. Well… she really wanted a cell phone, but we think she’s a bit young… so a tablet was the best alternative. We ended up getting one for the two-year-old as well.

CocoMelon 4-pack Wooden Puzzles: Leo is enjoying the exploration stage. Making things fit together - or not fit together - has become fun for him. Because of this, puzzles were a great way to go. We're excited to see his little mind connect things together with his favorite characters.

Big Joe Stack Bean Bag Chairs: Each of the children got one of these. Perfect for our little gamers. They're easy to move around for when you want to have family movie nights, gaming days or on family board game nights in the living room!

J MARK Crochet Kit for Beginners: Our 8-year-old saw me crocheting and wanted to give it a try. Even went as far as to ask Santa for a kit so he could learn. We couldn't say no at that point. An odd ask from a boy his age but I'm excited to see how it unfolds.

Vigorfun Art Set: All of our littles like art, in one way or another. Here lately, they have been very fond of paints and paint sets. So, we decided to see how it goes with this one. I'm imagining paint on the walls and maybe even the ceiling... but hey.... they'll be happy.

We had such a fun time searching for the things they asked for, and some things they didn't. Of course, these are not all the things we got for them but it's a glimpse into the options if you are struggling to decide what to get.

Other fun ideas are:

  • Coloring books

  • Crayons

  • Card Games

  • Board Games

  • Personalized items (From a small business you know if you can)

  • DIY Gifts

And much more.

Remember that this time of year is about being together and sharing love with those around you. Not about what gifts you give or receive.

Happy Holidays! From me and mine to you and yours!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

I am an affiliate of Amazon. If any transaction occurs from clicking on one of the sale links in my piece, I may receive compensation.

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