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Weird Dreams

Have any of you ever had a weird dream?

For instance, when I was young, I dreamt that I had been abducted by the cast of All That and my brother came to rescue me in a bunny costume.

They say your dreams are an insight into something deeper within your mind. That your dreams are trying to tell you something. So, I did some digging. Here’s what some dreams could mean.

  1. Falling: One of the more common dreams people have. This could mean you are worried about failing at something large that is coming up in your life. It could also mean that there is something going on in your day life that you are refusing to address.

  2. Earthquake: Something you’re going through is shaky and becoming broken. Two things in your life are not meshing well.

  3. Confrontation: Means you’ve been being a dick lately.

  4. Can’t Find the Bathroom: This tells you that there is something in your life that is having a negative impact and you’re having trouble removing it from your life.

  5. Winning the Lotto: This tells you that something you have/own is worth more and you just found out. This could be an item or a skill of some kind.

It’s really interesting, the things that your dreams could mean. However, I’m pretty upset that I couldn’t find that my dream was about. There was nothing on Stolen by your favorite children's show characters.

There was one that advised:

If you dream of being abducted, this could suggest you are afraid that you will no longer have independence in some way.

Yet, there’s no way for me to assume that there may be a different meaning if the abductor is a friendly set of kid show characters.

Ah, wishful thinking. That, and since I was only 8 when I had the dream… not sure what independence they could take from me… I pretty much depended on everyone for everything at that time, right? 🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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