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Unwritten Future

Some of us tend to stay in our own minds. Spending countless hours wondering the why’s and the how's of our lives or actions…. that we forget to live.

We forget to savor the moments right in front of us because we're stuck looking in the rearview mirror. Destine to believe that our life has ended, or we are stuck in an infinite loop. We forget… we forget that the future is unwritten.

It would provide a reason why so many of us compare our new relationships to our old ones, right? Why we consider our current job will be the same as our last, and why we look to our younger children to make the same mistakes as the older ones did.

What a miraculous idea it would be to simply focus on the future. Why not? Yesterday is gone. No matter what it brought us, it cannot be changed. But we can change tomorrow. We can be better tomorrow. We can shine brighter… tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow… you’re only a day…. away.

The future is unwritten. There is not a destiny we are falling towards. It’s written by us. With every step we take, every decision we select and every person we meet or avoid. So, what are you writing?

A story about a bitter, blaming bitch who is mad at the world for their shortcomings? Or a strong, optimistic and hardworking individual who is excited for what the future may hold?

The options are endless.

Today you may be a starving artist… tomorrow…. a best seller. Today you may be unemployed, but tomorrow you have a job interview. Today you’re afraid but tomorrow you take the leap.

The glory of life is our choices. It’s all about the choices. Decisions that hold the key to our path of life.

What path will you take?

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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