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Truth: Self-Earned Income, Passive Income, and Entrepreneurship

Everything we see on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook today tells us that earning money online and creating your personal brand is easy.

All you need is internet and an electronic device… right?

Well, sadly what I’m about to tell you is not going to mirror that information.

Since December 2021, I have been diligently working on creating my brand and starting my entrepreneurships. I run on 10 different platforms trying to earn income. I’ve tried it all.

  • Creating Low Content Books

  • Self-Publishing my own books

  • Amazon Affiliate

  • Starting a YouTube Channel

  • Creating TikTok videos

  • Creating Facebook Reels

  • Selling micro how to books on GumRoad

  • Writing upon Medium.

  • Writing and podcasting on Mom Moments | Kayla Tackett | Substack.

  • Creating print on demand items on Redbubble

  • Adding Google AdSense on my website.

I’ve done all of these things and throughout the entire year of 2022 I made a whopping $338.47.

Now, throughout that time, I spent money on platforms used to do all of these things. That total came to $627. Meaning for the year of 2022 I was $288.53 in the hole.

Creating content and pushing yourself towards passive income sounds like a dream come true, and it is… after you’ve put in your blood sweat and tears.

It is in no way easy. You must create the items, gather a following and consistently share your work to get eyes on what you have done. Sure, you could pay for ads to promote your items. This will give you a leg up. However, I did not have the funds for that last year and everything I watched and read said that I could pursue these things without spending a cent.

That was also incorrect.

To make the process easier for me and to start gaining income, I had to spend a bit here and a bit there to make my products more interesting than the ones next to them. Yet, I still only made what I make in two days at my regular job.

To all of you who are looking to start gaining passive income and making money in your own way.

  • You can do it.

  • It is possible.

  • But it’s not easy.

  • It takes time and hard work.

I don’t tell you all of these things to deter you from trying. In fact, the opposite. I’m telling you to begin if that is your dream, but don’t start off with the wrong assumptions. You are not going to start growing your income in a month. You’re not going to be able to quit your day job within a few months. You’re going to have to work at it and build your following.

Now, with all of that said… I want to give you a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Although I only made $338.47 for the whole year of 2022… I have made significantly more than that for just the month of January 2023. Looking at January 2023:

  • KDP: 62.04

  • Amazon Affiliate: $237.49

  • Facebook Reels: $46.80

  • Medium: $19.86

  • GumRoad: 10

  • YouTube: 0

  • TikTok: 0

  • Google AdSense: $253.62

  • Freelance: $20

  • Redbubble: 0

Total For January 2023: $587.77 ($249.30 more than I made the whole year of 2022) It is possible to get where you want to be with earning online. But it’s a waiting game. I know that I may not make almost $600 again in February… my following is still growing. But I wanted to let you all know… it’s possible to get there.

Don’t quit because results aren’t instant.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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