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Top 5 Reasons Children Wet the Bed

My daughter had a long road of bed wetting that I needed answers for. So, I started searching for reasons.

Why is my child wetting the bed!

My first thought was that I was giving her drinks too close to bedtime, or I’m not waking her in the night to try to get her to use the restroom.

However, I’m not a doctor and can’t give myself answers …. I needed to start searching.

I found and found 5 different reason children wet the bed.

  1. Time: Some children haven't gained the ability to hold urine during the evening hours while they are sleeping.

  2. Genetics: Children who wet the bed typically have a family member that had troubles with bedwetting as well.

  3. Sleep Issues: Children that have disturbances during slumber are more likely to wet the bed.

  4. Stress or Life changes: Moving or new children in the household can drive children to bed wetting. This can stem from an underlying stress component.

  5. Medical issues: Having UTI’s or constipation can create this issue for your child.

There are so many reasons that someone could have issues with bedwetting and the key is to pinpoint those reasons to attempt to find a resolve.

Some time ago, I created a YouTube video regarding this topic:

It seems that I was not the only one with this question.

I hope I have assisted in some way if you are currently running into this issue.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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