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Three Money Earning Writing Platforms

I am a writer. Go figure, right? So, I thought other writers may look at my work a time or two.

If that's the case.... you're going to love this piece.

Today I want to give you a bit of insight into the three writing platforms I have found and write on consistently. We're going to go over the differences of each of these platforms, the pros and cons, and you can then choose which you would enjoy writing for.

If you click on any of the photos below, they will bring you to each of these sites!

Fun tip: You can earn income on all three of them!

Medium is an American online publishing platform that is open to any and all individuals. You can join at no cost and write to your hearts content. You can also pay $5 per month for a membership. What's the difference? I'm glad you asked.

  • Paid membership: Allows you to read all writings throughout the site and interact with other authors on a consistent basis.

  • Non-Paid Memberships: Although you can still write as many blogs as you wish, you are only granted 3 reads per month of other Author's works. Which eliminates your ability to connect and interact on a regular basis.

On this platform, you can write whatever you wish. There is no limit to the amount of pieces you can present.

Now, to earn money. Medium requires that you have at least one published article and 100 followers before you can request to be part of the Medium Partner Program. The company will confirm that you've met these requirements before approving your request.

And watch out, they will also look to see if your activity on the platform shows actual interaction or if you have just been spamming to gain the required following.

Earning income on this platform is gauged by the reading that is done on your work. Just because someone opens your article does not mean you will gain payment. They must read what you've written for money to start rolling in.

Interesting and engaging content = More Money!

Simily is the closest thing to Medium in the last 10 years. Similar to Medium, you are able to create and post content at no cost, or can pay $6.99 per month to gain more availabilities. Yes, it costs more than Medium does.

This site has a couple differences that I found intriguing.

Difference #1: You do not need to meet any specific criteria to start earning income on the platform. That's right, from the very start you can earn money. It's 2 cents for each view. Yes, view.

Difference #2: If you could not guess from that last statement - people who open your work automatically gain you an income. It is not required that they read the entire piece for you to get paid.

Difference #3: This site is fairly new, so the ability to grow your following now is high.

Simily is more gauged toward individuals that write short stories or poems. That does not mean you cannot write self-help or opinion pieces here, you can. It's just not as common. Mostly I have found chapter pieces. Where people write a full book, separated by chapter in each of their posts.

This is our final option on this writing gravy train. It is last because, sadly, it is my least favorite of the three. Similar to Medium, Feeding trends has a requirement to enter into their paid program. The would like that their applicants have 10 published posts on the site before applying. However, I applied before I reached this threshold and got approved due to my writing history. This site is currently 100% free. No paid subscription required at this time, however, this may change once the site gains more momentum.

Each post requires a photo of some kind as an icon.

I choose the same one each time.

Posting pieces is simple and straight forward.

There are two things that put me off about this site. The first is the site itself. It's hard for me to find other writers and their work. Especially after I have already followed them. The second is the earnings. The way you're paid and how you earn is difficult to understand.


For those of you who enjoy writing and connecting with other people, these platforms are all amazing in their own way.

I hope that in some small way, this has helped you on your journey!

If you choose to join the fun in any of these locations, follow me and lets connect!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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