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The Tooth Fairy: Lillian Lost Her First Tooth

For those who are new to the site, I have a six-year-old daughter named Lillian. She is a kindergartener with a lot of spunk and even more sass.

At the beginning of this week, Mrs. Lillian lost her first tooth ever while eating a cookie. She bit down into it and her tooth (that was already wiggly) came out! She was more than excited, because losing a tooth meant that the tooth fairy was going to come and bring her some money!

We took her tooth and placed it in a plastic bag for safe keeping until the night came. If it got lost.... the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find it and she wouldn't be able to get her money for losing it. This was very important to Lillian and needed to be handled properly.

Derrek (her father) and I, laughing too hard to be angry at her persistence... did exactly as she asked. We got the tooth secure and ready for its travels, along with a little note.

Lillian couldn't wait to go to bed and wake up to her financial surprise in the morning, but she was so excited that she had trouble sleeping. She asked for a bedtime story, we taught her to count sheep and later in the night we could hear her giving herself a pep talk....

"Okay Lillian, you have to go to sleep now, or the Tooth Fairy will never come. Just close your eyes and it will be tomorrow. It's easy. Just do it."

Meanwhile, Derrek and I are falling over laughing in the next room.

She did not fall asleep until around midnight. At this point, I feel like we were more excited about this than she was. We snuck into her room... But it wasn't like the movies, all adorable and everything. No... Lillian was laying sideways across her bed, halfway on the floor.... The Tooth Fairy stubbed her toe on two toys and limped to her pillow while Derrek stand in the doorway laughing at her. She took her letter and her tooth and left Lillian three whole dollars in its place.

The following morning, I was awakened by what sounded like someone being slaughtered. Nope, just our daughter finding her riches and screaming for joy at the top of her lungs. She danced around the house in her pajamas telling us and her brothers about how amazing the Tooth Fairy is and how excited she is to lose another tooth.

Meanwhile, Derrek is chuckling under his breath about my limping to my office to start my workday....

"Maybe we should have her clean up her room next time the Tooth Fairy is supposed to come."

I smiled at her, made an angry face at him and headed downstairs.

So, she is happy and three dollars richer, my foot still hurts, and the boys are now asking if the price of teeth goes up as you age...

Ah, parenting is such a blessing.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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