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The Benefits of Having Friends When You're a Parent

As a parent, it's easy to feel isolated. You're responsible for other human beings and it can be tough to find time to socialize. However, having friends is important for parents.

Here are some benefits of having friends when you're a parent:

1. Friends provide support.

Having friends is important for parents because they provide support in stressful situations. I have been friends with one particular woman for 20 years. We've gotten each other through marriages, breakups, childbirth and many hurdles that have come since our children arrived. Without her advice and support, I'm uncertain how I would have gotten through some of them.

2. Friends can provide advice.

Parenting is hard and it's impossible to know everything. Fortunately, friends can provide advice when you need it. Whether you're struggling with potty training or dealing with teenage drama, your friends will be there to offer guidance. I don't know about you, but a new perspective can really open my eyes to different thoughts about a certain subject.

3. Friends can help you stay sane.

Parenting can be overwhelming and sometimes you just need a break. That's where friends come in! Spending time with friends can help you relax and recharge, so you can be a better parent.

4. Friends can introduce you to new things.

Friends can help you break out of your routine and experience new things. From trying new restaurants to taking a dance class, your friends will keep you from getting bored. I've learned of paint & sip classes, went to see standup comedy and we're even in the process of planning to see a concert. All of these ideas were introduced by friends to get us some R&R.

5. Friends make parenting more enjoyable.

Let's face it, parenting is tough, but friends make it more enjoyable. With friends, you can laugh about the challenges of parenting and feel less alone. Parenting is more fun when you have someone to share the journey with!

The Benefits of Shared Experiences

Having friends when you're a parent can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. You can share in the joys and challenges of parenting and learn from each other along the way. Here are just a few of the benefits of shared experiences with friends:

1. Parenting is much more fun with friends. Let's face it, parenting can be challenging and exhausting at times. But it's also one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have. And it's so much more enjoyable when you can share the ups and downs with friends. There's nothing like commiserating over a late-night feed with a friend who knows exactly what you're going through.

2. You can learn from each other. We all have different parenting styles and approaches, and we can learn a lot from each other. If you're struggling with something, chances are your friend has been through it too and can offer some valuable advice. Or maybe you're the one with the valuable advice! Either way, it's great to be able to rely on each other for support and advice.

3. You can bond over shared interests. As your children grow, you'll likely find that you have more in common with your friends who are also parents. You can bond over the joys and challenges of parenting, and shared interests in your children's development. It's so nice to have friends who understand what you're going through and can relate to your experiences.

4. You can have fun together. Being a parent can be serious business, but it's important to have fun too. Spending time with friends helps you relax and enjoy the lighter side of life. From playdates to girls' nights out, there are so many opportunities to have fun when you're a parent.

5. You can rely on each other for help. parenting is a lot of work, and it's nice to have someone to rely on for help when you need it. Whether it's a last-minute babysitting favor or just someone to vent to about a tough day, friends are always there to help out.

Parenting is a wonderful journey, and it's so much more enjoyable when you can share it with friends. If you're lucky enough to have friends who are also parents, cherish those relationships and enjoy the many benefits they offer!

Socialization Opportunities for Kids

​Another benefit to having friends who also have children is that it gives your children another chance to socialize. You want your kids to have friends, but you also want them to be safe. It's important to find socialization opportunities for kids that are both fun and safe.

One great socialization opportunity for kids is playdates. Playdates are a great way for kids to interact with other kids in a safe, supervised environment. You can also get to know the other parents, which can be helpful in setting up future playdates or finding other social activities for your children.

Another great socialization opportunity for kids is through extracurricular activities. There are many different extracurricular activities available for kids, from sports to arts and everything in between. These activities give kids a chance to interact with other kids who have similar interests. They can also learn new skills and make new friends.

If you have a child that has a similar extracurricular interest as your friend's child, you could go into this new adventure together. This would give you someone to talk to about the possible stress and struggle that may come with this new process.

There are also many social activities for kids that take place outside of school. You can find social clubs, groups, and activities through your local community center or online. These activities give kids a chance to interact with other kids in a safe and supervised environment.

No matter what socialization opportunities you choose for your kids, the most important thing is that they are safe and that you feel comfortable with them. With a little effort, you can find socialization opportunities for kids that are both fun and safe.


Having friends while parenting can seem difficult. With everything you must do to maintain your household, your marriage and care for your children... it can seem that you don't have enough time in the day to make connections. However, making time to connect with friends can be an escape that will keep you from overstressing about life. Make playdates, schedule double dates or have a mom-day! You deserve to have those lasting connections just as much as your children do.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

I would like to dedicate this piece to our dearest parenting friends: Laura & Brendan, Taylor & CJ and Crystal and Mike! Thank you for making things a bit easier for us!

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