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5 Secrets No One Tells You Before You Have Kids

Children are special gifts from the petals of the most gorgeous flowers, until they're not.

When you are becoming a first-time parent, everyone has advice. They give you words of encouragement and remind you that having a child is a magical experience. They tell you that you're glowing and that you are going to be gifted with the most amazing future.

What they don't tell you are the things you are going to encounter that you never, in your wildest dreams, would have thought you would deal with.


That's simple. If parents provided you with all of their children horror stories, you would have second thoughts about how parenting is going to go for you. No one wants you beginning this new journey of yours in fear.

So, we spit out a bunch of wonderful tidbits that come with parenting and leave all the possible problem areas out. In this article, I'm going to be giving you a window into the world of the not so pleasant side of parenting.

#1 - Popping Picaso

Ah, yes. Artwork with poop on the walls, on the crib and sometimes even on their siblings. Every seasoned parent has experienced some kind of poop-related artwork. We will talk to our friends who are also seasoned; however, we try to shield you newer parents from those stories.

Better not to scare you so early.

#2 - Fire Starters

All children are interested in fire from a young age. When they are growing, we explain how dangerous fire can be. Telling them things like "Burn baby" and "No, hot".

Then, they grow up... and find fire even more fascinating than before. Some may even go to great lengths to give fire starting a try. My advice, lock up any lighters or matches and be mindful around your stove.

#3 - Honest Opinions

Have you ever heard the saying...

"No one is more honest than children and drunk people"

They're not lying. Children are brutely honest. There are things my children have said to me that I would punch a grown man for stating. Yet, I have to bite my lip and explain to my children that they cannot bluntly state things willy nilly. (Sometimes, what they say is true... but just because it's true doesn't mean we should outwardly state it.)

For Example: My mother, my daughter and I were grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. Lillian was in the cart talking to my mom, and I was looking for pasta... Then, out of nowhere, Lillian asks my mother,

"Mimi, how do you get those?", as she points to my mother's chest, "Mommy doesn't have those."

Yup.... Needless to say, I was mortified.

#4 - Bye Bye Impulse Control

Some adults try to live by the seat of their pants and go wherever the wind takes them. However, we have an understanding of the world that reminds us of things like,

  • If you run into traffic, you could get hit by a car.

  • If you tell that woman she's fat, she's going to slap you.

  • If you eat too much of this, your stomach is going to hurt later.

Children don't have that yet. They have not grasped enough information of life to understand the cause and effect of things they do. So, they just act on impulse. One moment, they'll be walking with mommy down the street, and the next, they're running after a butterfly into oncoming traffic.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is probably why we now have leashes for children.

#5 - Rolling Tornadoes

Ever wonder why your parents would say things like, "See, this is why we can't have nice things." or why they would put plastic on the furniture?

- You... you were the reason for that.

The shoe is going to be on the other foot now. Your parents will come to visit asking why you got your dining room table from the salvation army rather than Ashley Furniture...

When they do, point to the children.

They are little rolling tornadoes!

You're sweet and loving littles are going to draw on your tables, cut holes into your furniture, stain your carpet and if you're not watching closely... one might even egg your car.

Yes, Hunter did that... I'm still trying to get the egg completely cleared.


Your precious little angels don't mean to act like demons. They're just learning and growing. So, yeah, you're going to have some destroyed furniture, disgusting clean ups and some embarrassing conversations but in the end it's all worth it.

Every time you hear them say I love you, every hug, every kiss and every smile is going to wash away all of the outlandish crazy things they've ever done. You may not think so in the moment of the tornado, but it will.

Just wear a helmet, it will blow over soon!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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