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Take Back Your Personal Power from The Life Suckers

Have you ever had a person in your life who just thrived on playing the blame game? Someone who just sucks the life right out of you?

You know the ones that are constantly belly aching that it’s your fault, his fault or her fault?

Sometimes, you actually believe them and end up trying to fix all of their problems! You become the rescuer? I have!

I didn’t realize it at the time of course because that is a life lesson that I was working on mastering and boy did we play a good game together! We danced in victim consciousness together creating disaster after disaster a long time! They created, I rescued! They created, rescued! Then one day they got themselves in yet another situation (and of course this was all my fault!) I had gotten so sick and tired of continually putting forth all my energy into fixing someone else's problems that I threw in the towel.

I quit. Then and there.

That’s the day a huge light bulb came on! I realized that I was not allowing them to take responsibility for their own lives. I was doing them the worst service possible. I was dis-empowering them! I was taking their power away by fixing all their problems... not to mention dis-empowering myself in the process! That’s the day I gladly, and I mean gladly, handed them their life back on a gold lined platter!

I had finally gained back my peace!

These people that refuse to take any kind of responsibility for their own lives are what I call 'life suckers'. When things go wrong in their lives, they tend to blame others. Whether something goes wrong at home, at work or at school... they try to find someone else to blame. What's silly is, they tend to blame those who love them most. Why? Because these will be the first people to ‘fix’ their problems and become their rescuers. Life suckers rarely admit to their own problems in life.

Some of the common statements you will hear from them are “It wasn’t my fault.” “How was I supposed to know?” “You're the reason for this.” etc. Their dialogue usually goes something like this. “Why did you have to go and do that thing you did for you? If you had only done what I wanted you to do in the first place, I wouldn't be in this mess.” - Or something similar By blaming other people for the problems in their lives, they have become powerless to change anything. Their thoughts hold them in victim consciousness. Where they will remain until those that love them take a stand.

If you have run into this problem, or are dealing with said problem now, build up the courage to free them as well as yourself. Give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own actions and allow yourself to focus on you!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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