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Supporting Small Businesses: Handmade Jewelry

Nowadays, everything is manufactured in large corporate warehouses and designed by large machines. Wouldn't it be nice to return to the good old days, where you were able to purchase items that were created with love and care by an individual?

Recently, new home-based businesses have been forming all over the globe. Stay at home mothers are using their hobbies and skills to create handmade items that are perfect for holiday gifts, birthday presents and anniversary gifts. Even people with little to no experience with creation are making moves with self-employment roles. Using items such as molding clay, Cricut machines, hot glue guns or print on demand networks, stay at home mothers/parents, working individuals needing additional income or teenagers looking to fill their pockets with spending money have been able to create their own self sustained businesses.

This article will be going over one of these amazing businesses created by an amazingly talented stay at home mother named Laura. She began working with molding clay as a hobby to create things within her home and started creating some jewelry for herself. This jewelry became a popular topic and questions began to arise as to where she purchased them. From there, an idea formed for her to take her hobby and transform it into a thriving business.

Larua is a married mother of two with a zest for life, love and the outdoors. She started her Etsy account in 2021 with a dream of creating another stream of income for her household. Laura graduated from her small-town high school in 2010 and continued her education after the fact. She obtained her associates degree in Liberal Arts before she became a wife and mother. She loves spending time with friends and family and making memories with her little ones.

In a conversation I had with Laura when expressing my want to write a piece about her business, she stated:

"Sculpting brings me a lot of joy, especially when I finish a piece and I see the faces of my customers light up when they see what I've created for them! That's what it's about! I appreciate everyone who enjoys my work." - Laura

Today, Laura creates gorgeous jewelry pieces for sports teams and holidays. At this time, the only personalized requests she is taking is for her personalized heart necklace made for Valentine's Day. She is hoping to start taking requests for new creations in the future but will have that information out on a later date! Stay tuned! Her goal is to begin creating and selling her sculptures as well. Here is one she created for the bathroom in her home!

Such a beautiful piece of craftmanship! Gotta love Sandworms! (From the movie Beetlejuice!)


Here are Laura's recent creations that were made for Valentine's Day, and I am loving the little heart earrings! However, the personalized heart necklace with initials is beautiful too!

For sports fans, I purchased these Bengals earrings for my mother's birthday back in December and they were one of her favorite gifts!

If you would like to shop for some of Laura's products, Click the button below!


Running a business with little ones at your feet can be difficult for anyone, but if there is a drive for success then there is a way to gain it! Laura, along with so many other small business owners, is paving the way for a better future for her family. One creation at a time!

Support a small business if you can. If you can't, spread the word an get new eyes on the business to create more income traffic for that owner. There is more than one way to support small businesses.

If we work together to support these amazing creators, there's no way they can fail!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla


If you own a small business, whether it is from your home, online digital content or a standard brick and mortar and would like me to do a piece about your work. Please email me at I would love to support you!

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