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Supporting Small Businesses: Ashley's Designs Arts & Crafts

Since the pandemic in 2020, many mothers took to their creative abilities to assist their families with earning income. Some became content creators, authors, blog writers, freelancers or small business owners. For instance, I began this motherhood blog to do my writing, and this sparked an idea of how to assist other mothers in their pursuits. I don't have mountains of money lying around... therefore I can't purchase everything these amazing ladies make. But I can spread the word of their fantastic creations.

This week’s small business appreciate post goes over a lovely little shop located in Kentucky called Ashley’s Designs Arts & Crafts. It is ran by Ashley Goetsch, a wife and mother who has dedicated her time and energy to the growth of herself and her family. Ashley is a full-time student, works a full-time job and runs her business right from her home. Her drive and dedication are what make her products so innovative, high quality and long lasting.

Small business owners have a hard time getting word out about their shop and products due to the large number of items that are bought and sold all over the globe. It can be overwhelming to be such a small fish in such a big pond. With that being said, I have made a point to shed a little ray of light onto the shops that mothers have generated to assist their families.

These ladies spend a lot of time, money and energy creating the items that they sell. They have dreams of a better tomorrow for their life and the life of their children. As a mother myself, I want to do everything I can to aid these women on their journey. I have never been perfect at creating items. I dabble here and there but for fun rather than profit. I do, however, have a bit of a knack for writing and reviewing things.

Rather than reviewing items that you can find on Amazon or Walmart, why not create work to review these shops and assist these women in getting to their dream destinations?


Now, back to the main event. Since the beginning, Ashley’s shop has been growing into a treasure trove of options available to her customers. Her business is labeled as “home decor” but she has many different items that are created and sold. This includes:

  • Board games

  • tumblers

  • clothing

  • porch signs

  • cereal bowls

  • and more.

This mother has made the items she creates personally customizable and extremely unique, which is what makes her shop one to boast about. There are many shops that are dedicated to one type of item such as clothing or jewelry. Some small business owners even have decided on two or three different types of items to create and give some variety. But this mother has broken the mold and has made a point to have a vast array of items that can be made through her shop.

If you’re looking for wedding decorations, personalized reunion shirts, Christmas decorations, birthday items, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or anything in between; this mother has the items you’re looking for.

Hop onto her Facebook business site and take a look: Ashley’s Designs Arts & Crafts | Facebook

On a personal note: The products you gain from this shop will stand the test of time. When we had lost a loved one, we gained this personalized wall hang for our memorial. It has been five years and is just as amazing as the day we received it.

Check out these amazing reviews!

Jackie: Absolutely in love with my new tray and coasters that Ashley created!! The green is stunning!

Caitlin: Ashley made two amazing milk bath tumblers for my best friend and I that had pressed flowers from meaningful events. Shipping was quick and we love our personalized cups. Definitely recommend Ashley and her handiwork!


Over the years this momma has created amazing piece of work for herself, her family and her happy customers. Her craftmanship speaks for itself but a good note from her customers doesn’t hurt. ❤

What piece will she be creating for you?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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