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Success Is What You Make It!

This world is full of hiccups. You're never going to have the perfect life, the perfect children or the perfect job. This is something that everyone learns from an early age. We are faced with struggles we never thought in a million years, would happen to us.

You know what? We get through it though. Even if we end up scrapped and burned at bit, we get through it. We're still here, we're still breathing and we're ready to fight another day.

So, why do we consistently allow these hurdles and hiccups to consume our every move? Why do we choose to allow these obstacles to define who we are as people?

It's because we are taught from the moment, we're old enough, that we are to succeed in life. We're told what success looks like. However, the reality is, not everyone is going to meet those criteria. Some people are going to fail, take different paths and follow what some would call, pipe dreams.

Does that mean that they are not successful? Because it does not fit into the small form of perfect that those before us have suggested? Of course not. Each of us are successful in their own way. The parent with 16 previous jobs is successful, the single male that's been with the same company for 12 years is successful, and even the child that grew to be a rodeo clown and no longer speaks to his mother is successful.

Success is not a diagramed creation. It is what we consider to be good for us and our future. No matter what anyone else says or thinks.

So, if you're happy with your life... with the way things have gone for you... then you are every bit as successful as anyone else! And a survivor too!

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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