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Stupid Things Adults Do

Have you ever completely refurnished your home? Taken almost everything you currently own, threw it away and purchased all new items? If you haven’t and you’re thinking about doing so… take a look at this piece first.

Putting together new home furniture is a true test of marriage. My husband and I spent all of Friday night getting our new home island together.

So many things went wrong during this process.

We put the back on wrong, the drawer front on backwards and one of the doors seems a bit crooked 😂

It’s not perfect… but it’s together and our marriage survived it. I’m truly amazed TBH. With this item along with our new coffee table, dresser, end table and beds for the kids… if I ever put another piece of furniture together again it will be too soon….

When my brother told me not to put new flooring into my home unless I wanted to test my marriage, I thought he was overreacting. How could doing a household project put strain on you and your spouse…. Well, I was naive. It puts strain on you both because you get flustered about different things. Either you think you can do it better or faster or the process ends up with you both snapping at one another about what the directions say to do.

We did all of the above, but we lived to tell about it and we’re not drawing up divorce papers… so, I’d call that a win.

With all of that frustration out in the open, I could not be happier with the way our kitchen is coming together.

We are doing everything we can to make our home one we can be proud of. Since we were looking to move and ended up staying here. We decided to take the funds and upgrade our home furniture and decor. It has been more fun and frustrating than I anticipated.

I shall keep you up to date on our updates and have a fun piece about the changes to our home once we’re all finished. Gonna take a couple weeks… I think.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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