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Stop Showing off Karen: Sanctimonious

Do you ever feel that terrible pit down in your stomach when you see your Karen posing about how fabulous her life is on social media? For those of you who are unaware, your Karen is the one person you know that seems to act more sanctimonious than any other human being on the planet!

You know the one. In fact, I'm sure you have his/her actual name running through your head right now. We all have one. There are even some people that may depict you as The Karen in their life bubble.


Growing up we are taught that all individuals are worthy of the same common courtesy. Meeting The Karen pulls you out of your adolescent learning and into frustration and sometimes, panic mode. This person will show you their life on a silver platter and give the illusion that they never have a care in the world. Let me be straight about this, that woman also has candy in her carpet, French fries in the back of her car and has cleaned up poop and puke a time or two in her life. Don't let the silk web they weave deter you from the obvious. Even movie stars run into these issues. Nobody's life is picture perfect. For instance, right now I could take a beautiful photograph of my living room couch and end table with a candle lit, post it, and place the caption to read: " Such a relaxing morning." When in reality -- about two feet to the left of where I positioned my photograph, there is a smeared mess on the floor where my 20-month-old has taken it upon himself to break my oil crayons into the carpet. (Which reminds me: Alexa - add carpet cleaner and bleach to my Amazon Cart.)

Some days I want to suggest that these Karen's in my life give me a video recording of their whole home and car to see just how "perfect' their lives are. However, that's a bit on the crazy side. Not the best of ideas. So, I don't.

Dealing with these types of individuals can be frustrating and helpful at the same time. Frustrating because you know that the ideal home, life, or kids they're showing you is that of a fable and helpful because, even though you know they're talking out their hind ends, you still strive to follow some of the aspects they show to get yourself one step closer to your ideal lifestyle. Thinking about it, I'm sure many people also continue to view these individuals in hopes that they publicly fall flat on their faces. Because, let's be honest, it also makes people feel better to see that someone else has flaws the same as they do. I am also one of that people. Again, never identified as perfect.

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Sanctimonious people are here to stay. If one changes their ways, another will spontaneously replace them. That seems to be the way. Don't allow this to dim your shine. Smile at your Karen with honesty and optimism. Like and comment on per posts with praise on how amazing her home, job and kids are and allow her to soak in the minimalistic glory that comes with it. You never know, all other aspects of that person's life may make them feel anxious and inferior. Today, you are the bigger person. Today, you will not be -- The Karen.

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