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She Had to Fart

Welcome to my life!

Today my daughter, who I believe will rule the world one day, came at me with the weirdest conversation I have had to date.

Her: Mom, I’m exhausted of the belly ache and my life is ruined.

I hugged her and lay her down in bed with me… I turn to her to let her know everything is going to be ok.

Her: Mom, your breath stinks. I think you need to brush your teeth.

🙄 She has definitely gotten her personality from me.

Then, she proceeded to cry for what felt like an eternity. Until suddenly… she stopped. Like a dog that heard a noise from afar while hunting. Looked at me and said….

I farted. I’m fine now. I just wanna sleep.

She turns over under the blanket.

Meanwhile, my mouth is still left hanging open and I begin typing this post on my cell phone.


It's moments like these that remind me how blessed I am to be a parent. That probably makes me sound crazy. The child insulted me and farted on me within moments of one another. This is true. However, I have a person who is so comfortable with me that she doesn't feel the need to hold her tongue or act as if she is made of stone.

This is something that is difficult to find. I have 3 other children in my household on a daily basis... Lillian is the only one that never pulls punches. She is always 100% transparent with anyone and everyone. I'm hoping this trait stays with her throughout her life.

This encounter reminded me that no matter what I go through, who I meet or what I become... I will always have someone to fart in front of without fear.

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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