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Sharing your Amazon Links

Many individuals like the idea of making passive income. In other words, we want to make money in our sleep.

You watch YouTube content, read blogs and find books that advise you on how to get the ball rolling.

Thousands of people have decided that being an affiliate for is the way to go. Just create your account and start raking in the cash. Here’s where many of us crash and burn. We immediately feel like we’re failing when we return to our account the next day and see that we’ve had no clicks or transactions.

Well, for the sake of this article, I did just that.

This above image shows my Amazon affiliate stats for the month of July under a new link code. Notice anything interesting? For the first half of the month, I did no promotion of my links at all. I just created the account and hoped for the best. Visibly, you can see that this did me no favors. Not even one click was gained during that timeframe.

How could I be angry… I did nothing to promote what I was trying to accomplish so, naturally, no one found my links.

Starting on July 15th, I began sharing my links on my social media platforms, my writing platforms and my YouTube. Items that I knew people would be looking for during this time of year. Back-to-school items, summer fun items and even some books that I found would be helpful to those who follow my work. Over the days, you can see that my clicks have started to start coming in.

Yesterday, I even gained my first purchase through this account!

The point of showing this information to you is to give you a visual reference. You must do SOME work no matter what you choose to do. Yes, affiliations can be passive income, but first you must get the word out.

Find a product you know people want or need.

Like this Matein Travel Laptop Backpack for instance.

We know that there are children going back to school, or adults going back to college. Backpacks are being purchased daily right now. So, showing an option for one of them may get someone to click on your link, once they do that…. even if they do not purchase this particular item and the start browsing… you will still gain commission if they make the transaction from clicking your link. Amazing! Passive income.

You could suggest children’s clothing, electronics, books, blankets or even the entire Amazon site if you wish! It all depends on your following. What do your viewers want to see?

If you’re looking to become an affiliate for amazon… CLICK HERE to get started.

Just make sure you share your links and gather a following.

Happy Earning!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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