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Self-Motivation Stems from Motivators

It's 6:30 A.M - I woke up to no alarm and the sound of the air conditioner blasting cold air into my bedroom. I thought to myself,

"What's the point in getting up this early for work?"

At times, the only motivation we have at these particular moments is to lay back under our blanket cocoon and drift back to sleep... For others, we are lifted up by our self-motivation. Our internal clock that is telling us we have things to do and that we must make the best of this new day.

It's no secret that many of us wish to succeed. We want to move up in our companies, strive to be the best at what we do and gain a purpose in this world. So, if that's most of us, why are so many people able to reach those goals and others aren't. The answer falls to our self-motivation. Some have and use it, while others don't.

When we think of self-motivation, we think of...

  • The want and need to succeed

  • Our amount of will power

  • Our range of self-esteem

  • Daily actions

  • Things we enjoy

  • Family

  • Goals

  • Priorities

  • Our Mental Stability

Along with many other factors. Each of these things can affect us in everything we do. Our job, our education, relationships, parenting and friendships. No matter what it is you want to do with your life, you'll need a dose of self-motivation to make it happen. It's what drives writers to finish their books, what gives parents the ability to get up and clean their house each day and what moves mountains for you at your place of work.

Think about mental stability for a moment. We all run into, what some would call, "off days". You know, those days where everything is going wrong at the worst possible moment. Some people push through these days regardless of the outcomes, and others will slip into a depressive state, lay in bed and hope the next day will be better.

How does one push through those "off days"?

Mental stability.

Our minds are more magical than one could ever imagine! If you focus your mind on something you wish to accomplish, you will do whatever you can to reach your goal. This checks your will power to continue, no matter what hurdles you face. Having a good amount of self-motivation in these situations gives you the edge. Rather than throwing your hands up and saying you can't do it, self-motivation will push you to succeed.

Self-Motivation = Will power + Mental Stability + Desire to Succeed


Another acting force for self-motivation is family! Family can push an individual to strive for success through self-motivation. Whether that is due to a hope for approval, self-pride or just a knowing that the family needs their success, the individual will be self-motivated to succeed because they are aware that their failure could harm the family. For example: The working spouse knows if they do not work, finances will stop coming into the home. The stay-at-home parent knows if cleaning and cooking does not happen, the children will not have clean clothes for school or meals to eat. Another large motivator for parents is the fact that children have a tendency to watch how their parent's function and tend to mimic what they see. We end up passing on the act of self-motivation to the next generation.

Of course, self-motivation is also driven by the goals and priorities you have set for yourself. This could be saving up money for a trip, losing weight, learning a new skill or getting more sun. If we have a goal to earn so much in a specific amount of time, we will have to be self-motivated enough to change our spending habits in order to reach that goal.

So many things can give us self-motivation. A favorite song, a familiar smell, the sunshine or even the pitter patter of little feet through the hallways. All of these things are little pleasures that can self-motivate someone to push forward and reach for success.

What motivated you to be self-motivated this morning?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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