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Roe V. Wade — Opinion

Going over this information with my husband brought up an unexpected disagreement.

My husband's view on this turnover is — he agrees

He feels that women should only have the option for abortion in extreme cases such a rape and medical necessity. My view on this turnover is — I worry.

I never found myself to be on either side of the spectrum. Neither Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. I felt that everyone had their view of the matter and that was their right.

I am currently a bit skeptical on how the world will move forward from this.

I stated to my husband —

“I worry that children will be abused or killed if not wanted”

To which he replied

“Isn’t that what abortion is?”

He makes a good point. We worry about the unwanted children but forget that children who get aborted are also unwanted children.

They say there is life on mars because they found bacteria… if bacteria means there is life on mars, then a heartbeat would mean life in the womb.

I am aware that everyone has their opinion on this subject and not everyone will agree with mine and that’s perfectly okay. Many may not agree with my husband either… that’s okay too.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of things that are going on within their lives.

I am just hoping that this change does not turn us all against one another.

Connection is Key. We are all in this together.

🧡 Shine Bright, Kayla

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