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Remembering My Passion: Thanks, Little Bro!

As I sit here, working on my college mathematics course, I can’t stop thinking about a conversation I had with my brother last week.

I was expressing to him that I was starting to feel like a failure because everything I have been working on for a year has not yet provided me with the income, I assumed it would by this time.

I was feeling down on myself and wondering if all of the time I had spent on my self-promotion and recreation was all for nothing.

However, my younger brother, who is doing much better than I am when it comes to careers, gave me a piece of advice that reinforced my faith in myself.

He said,

“Have fun with it. Try different things. You can’t fail at something the doesn’t make or break your wallet yet.”

He reminded me that I tend to take myself too seriously and I’m always striving for perfection. He reminded me that I love to write and create. It’s what I do best. Getting discouraged because I was hoping for quicker gratification will do nothing but discourage me.

For a person who thrives on the positive side of life, this isn’t the best way to think.

So, moving forward, I will continue to remind myself that I write because I love it, I spread positivity to others because I want to shine some light into their possibly dark world, and I try different things because I have a dream to do things for myself.

So, what if it takes longer than I anticipated.

As long as I am enjoying myself and helping others… I can never fail!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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