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Refurnishing The Home

Making changes to your household can be stressful and more overwhelming than you want it to be. Finding items that work together to give the vision of what you want things to be along with what will be able to be maintained throughout the years isn't easy. Especially when you have children. Can't get anything white because it will be destroyed within a month. Trying to get things that contain glass parts make me skeptical because I keep thinking of all the ways the item could get broken, and ordering cheap items means they'll be broken within a short time....

For instance, most of the items we are currently planning on replacing... we've only had for about a year, and we are replacing them due to damage.

  • Coffee table

  • Beds

  • Dining room Table

  • Entertainment Center

  • Bookshelves

  • Dressers

With all of those issues circulating through your brain, how could you possibly make decisions?

Well, I went scrolling through amazon to find items that would be sufficient for what we are looking to accomplish and won't be destroyed by next year. If you're struggling with making decisions on some of these things like me, feel free to take some of these ideas to help you decide on your purchases as well.

Here are the items we have purchased (or will be purchasing within the next few weeks):

  1. This Yaheetech Kitchen Cart is going to be easy to move around the kitchen and simple to clean.

2. This YITAHOME Dresser with 9 Drawers has fabric storage drawers. I like this better than wooden items because it's easier to maintain and has a durable steel frame.

I found this YITAHOME Storage Tower Unit with 2 Drawers to go along with it! We grabbed two of them.

3. We instantly fell in love with this Nrizc Black LED TV Stand. Outside of the fact that the inside is lit up and has a modern feel, it is also large enough to fit up to a 75'' television.

4. Our littles have a tendency to destroy the furniture we gain for their bedrooms; we're hoping that this Sha Cerlin twin sized medal platform bedframe stands the test of time.


Of course, these are only a few of the things we are replacing within our home. Next week I will have a few more items we have decided to go with.

At the beginning of April (after thirty days) I'll be able to let you know how the furniture have fared in the home with the littles running around.

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for more shopping suggestions. 🛍️

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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