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Reduce Stress: Connect Your Body and Mind Through Meditation and Relaxation

We are all guilty of allowing stress to take over our lives. Whether it's your career, friends, family, health or money, we all tend to feel like there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything we need or want to do. Stress is a terrible thing to deal with without the extra pressure, with the additional weights that come at us, some people can gain physical or emotional harm from the stress if not dealt with.

Of course, you could see a therapist about your stress related issues and be prescribed medications to aid to your stress levels. You see the commercials and billboards all around you, offering it. Yet, are we really all wishing to put more man-made medications into our bodies? Is that going to be helpful to us in the long run?

If you're like me, and medications aren't your thing, there are some ways to reduce stress without popping a pill.


Most people think of a silly, almost naked man sitting criss cross applesauce on a rug chanting "OMMMM" when someone mentions meditation. However, meditation is a practice that has taken place in every culture around the world in one way or another.

Take some time to follow these steps to feel your stress weight reduce right before your eyes!

The best way to begin mediation is giving yourself a place without distractions. As your spouse to watch the kids or find them their favorite snack and movie. Turn your television off and put your phone in another room. This will provide you with the time and privacy you need to practice your meditation.

Put yourself in the sitting position you are most comfortable and choose clothing that is loose fitting and won't become a distraction.

Take a deep breath out and close your eyes. Try your best to focus on a thought, item in the room you are in or just focus on your breathing. Focusing on one thought, feeling or item will help to clear your mind. Ladies, this may sound similar to something you learned when going through birthing classes. Remember when they suggested you find a focal point to focus on? Yes, it's the same concept.

If there is a picture, a memory, anything that helps you stay calm, try to picture it in your mind. For some people it’s the sound of the ocean, for others it's waterfalls, or it could be the memory of staring off a mountain peak.

Do a mind dump, loosen your muscles and try to ignore the things currently happening around you. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the piece you gain from what you're thinking of or focusing on.

If your mind starts to continue to wander and you can no longer focus on what you have chosen, do not force yourself to continue. Consider this a good stopping point. Give yourself time to stretch and do some deep breathing to finish.


Although these seem like simple steps, they are extremely beneficial. This is a great starting point to reduce stress in your life and it is also a good starting point for other exercises and meditations you may move onto throughout the process.

Moving forward, this will be the way you will normally start, if you continue to peruse meditation that is.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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