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Providing Positivity Is My Goal

Spreading positivity is always something I have tried to do.

31 years and I’m still smiling at those that look sad, I’m still complimenting someone’s outfit (out of the blue) and I’m still reminding everyone that I come in contact with to 🧡 Shine Bright.

To me, this world is filled so much darkness, so much hate and so much despair. I want to shed a little light onto that darkness and remind others that there is good in the world.

I want to remind others that they can be wacky, that they can reach for the stars and that they can do whatever they want in life with a little drive and dedication.

I want to make sure that everyone I come in contact with knows their worth when we part ways.

I am aware that I will not be able to impact everyone in this way, but if I continue to try harder each day… I will touch more and more people’s souls with my positivity.

What have you done lately to improve the positivity in another person? How easy would it be to make someone smile for no particular reason at all? If you came up with a quick answer… Do it… the first chance you get…

DO IT! — You won’t be disappointed!

Strike up a conversation with a stranger about their outfit, compliment someone on their tattoos or let someone know how amazing their hair looks.

Give a piece of your positivity to someone else and watch their demeanor change. It costs nothing to make a positive impact in someone’s life. It’s completely free to make someone smile.

There is nothing holding you back, is there?

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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