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Princess Bedroom on a Budget

This Spring, we decided to refurnish the entire home rather than moving to a new location right now. This was a better financial decision for us and our family. With all the rooms we redid, our 6-year-old daughters' room is by far my favorite.

Lillian had requested a princess room with pink on the walls. When I first heard this request, I was skeptical as to if we were going to be able to afford what she was requesting. However, over time, we were able to get it done with very little income going out.

Here’s what we did.

Lillian’s Room

  1. Pink Paint: $8

  2. Painters Tape: $3

  3. Paint Brush: $2

Pink Twin Bed: $99


Pink End Table: $52.99


Pink Dresser: $72.99


Pink bed canopy $20

In total: $258

We went through and emptied the entire room, placed painters' tape in horizontal stripes around the room and painted every other stripe pink. Then we took each new furniture item and put them together. Once this was finished, we then took all of her toys and placed them in areas where she could play. Finally, we set the drape up above her bed and let her lay down like the royalty she advises she is.

We made a video of the process on TikTok to show the before and after.

This process was fun and gave us so much pride. Lillian absolutely adores her new room fit for a princess.

Have you ever created a new room for your child on a budget? How did it go?

Come see me next Tuesday for more purchasing suggestions :)

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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