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Plan Your Blog

Blogging can be a monthly, weekly or daily event, depending on how you produce content. For me, it's a daily post to go over parenting, marriage, progress and blogging.

I needed something that would keep my thoughts on track.

This Bloggers Daily Planner has helped me tremendously with keeping myself and my blog on track each day. I am able to go over my email, social media, post ideas and more in one place!

I found this gem on Amazon when I was searching for helpful items to make my life easier, as I do from time to time. At first, I was skeptical of its ability to truly be an assist to my needs, but once I received and started using it.... I was hooked.

Here's what is offered on the inside:

  • Objectives of the year

  • Goals for the year

  • Plans for the month

  • Don't forget space

  • Shopping list

  • Rate of energy

  • Exercise plan

  • Water Intake

  • Daily plans for email, blog to-dos, social media and more

Using this planner to keep track of my blog has made my productivity so much better. I have less issues forgetting what I wish to write about for the week, I keep up on my shares and emails and I am even able to keep track of my shopping needs on top of it all.

People are always looking for ways to improve their output and productivity, regardless of what they're profession is. Blogging plans, for me, are no longer written out in 4 to 5 notebooks scattered around my home. They are all housed in one place where I always know where to find them.

If this blogging book isn't giving you exactly what you're looking for, Click the button below to find other planners that may be better suited for you and your goals!

Happy Blogging Everyone!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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