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Personalized School Journal

I am one of those people that believe personalized items are always the way to go. They are yours, and normally, very few (if any) people have the same item as you do! Well, school is just around the corner and children are going to need new journals, notebooks, and agendas!

I know! I’m excited too.

As you all know, I create Low Content books on something called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which posts my creations on Amazon for people to purchase.

In celebration for the school year, I have decided to take requests for personalized items that I can create for your little one and then send you the link for that item to be purchased from amazon once it’s ready. It does not take me much time to create these items, however, it does take KDP 72 hours to release them for purchase on Amazon once I’ve uploaded them.

So, expect a 4-day turnaround from the day you’ve requested the item.

Here are some of the items I have created:

Weekly Agenda for all your weekly and daily needs.

Or Journals!

If you are looking for anything to be personalized for your young one to begin the school year. Please contact me in a comment or message me on twitter:

Kayla Tackett (@mommoments2022) / Twitter

and I would be more than happy to create something for you!

Happy school shopping everyone!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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