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Our Family Branches: We’re Different and Loving It

Throughout life, families grow and thrive. Like the branches of a tree — we grow apart but we all start at the same place. They expand and change within an instant. Sometimes we need to take the time to sit and enjoy those changes. Engulf yourself in the world you’ve created within your household.

Today I would like to take you into the world of my household to give you a glimpse of my changes.

The ‘Blended’ Tackett Family


Derrek and I met at a time where both of us were done with the world. My husband had just lost a child and I had just been told my heart was failing. We were both in a place where we thought we would never find true happiness within our lives and would be doomed to roam this Earth alone and lonely. However, the universe had other plans. One day, while visiting my mother, Derrek entered the home my mother lived in to see his mother (who my mother lived with at the time). I had never met this man before and adored a tattoo of a spider placed on his left arm. That admiration turned into an adventure we both never saw coming.

In a previous article I had mentioned my children a bit due to their school lives. However, there is much more than academics when it comes to these young ones.


With a heart of gold and a smile that could reach the Swiss Alps. He is an adventurous boy with an imagination that I could only dream of having, and that’s saying something. He consistently wants to make our household a happy and loving environment. Always the first to suggest a family movie or game night. Always reminding us that family dinners together are something we should cherish and always finding new ways to connect with others. He is everything I ever wanted to be when I was young and more.


My linebacker with a soft spot for everyone and everything. To look at him, you would think he could drop someone with a single push… and he probably could but he never would. This child is the kindest and most helpful young man I have come into contact with. He helps with cleaning, cooking and wrangling his younger siblings on a daily basis. Yes, he can complain at times… he’s 8. But he always bounces back to his helpful self. He is my emotion whirlwind. Hates to hear yelling and always wants everyone to get along.


(We do not have a recent photo that we have personally taken of Destiny and out of respect for her biological mother, we will not use one we have not taken.) Destiny is my bonus little. Her joy spreads like wildfire and she is always the life of the party. She is a kind and gentle soul that wants to make others laugh and smile right along with her. However, when she’s upset — the whole world must know it. She is such a beautiful spirit with a little of her father’s temper mixed in.


My reincarnation bundled up in a tiny six-year-old. The little one that is going to grow up to be President. With her outrageous outbursts of opinion and the way she always stands her ground against eating her vegetables. Yup, definitely my kid. She’s a little demon of fire balled up in an adorable little wrapper. Her favorite color is Pink, and she loves anything with a unicorn on it. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say her spunk is going to get her farther in life than she could begin to realize.


Two years old and already running the house. His screaming fits are masked by his beautiful bouquet of curls haphazardly laid upon his head. Don’t let his adorable features full you, the first chance he gets… he’s going to shoot you with his invisible gun. He is already so full of personality, and although you may not understand him… he’s always got something to tell you. And he says it with gumption. He meant those words.

Violet and Aleecia

I apologize that there are not pictures of these two little angels. Both of these beautiful little ladies are looking upon us from Heaven with their bright young eyes. Aleecia was and adorable curly haired blonde with a hope for adventure. She would curl in her father's lap after he returned home from work to fall asleep. Sadly, all I can tell you about violet is that she was as beautiful as the flower she was named after. She was born at 38 weeks stillborn, and it pains me to say… we don’t even know the sound of her cry. We will see them both again very soon.

And of course — there’s me

You guys know all about me by now, if you’ve followed my work that is. I am a woman that takes on way too much at one time… all the time. I am the person that wants to help everyone else but does my best to give the impression that I’ve always got my own crap together. Notice I said illusion… I make mistakes, I take chances that fail, and I tend to take on a bit more than I can chew now and then. But I always have the best interests for myself and my family at heart. I am the person that will root for your success even when I’m floundering.

I like it that way.


Our family may be a bit large, and we are very different from one another, but it works for us, and we love each other. Just because people aren’t the same doesn’t mean they can’t thrive together. I am proud to say that our family has morphed into an amazing ball of chaos. We grow, we change, and we push forward in our own ways. It’s amazing to watch. I’m bathing myself in its glory every chance I get.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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