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No One Has All the Answers

Did you wake up with all the answers today? Were you able to ‘put out fires’, as they say, at a moment's notice?

Really? No?

Don’t worry. I couldn’t either.

I could barely keep my eyes open while opening my first — and only monster of the day. Not by choice mind you, we just don’t have the money for extra Monster Energy today. So, it’s a Pepsi kind of day. The poor ladies Monster, if you will. I’m getting off track… again.

None of us will ever have all the answers. We won’t be able to get our infant to stop crying at the drop of a hat or be able to deviate from the tantrums that our school age children will, without a doubt, conjure up today.

It doesn’t make us weak. It doesn’t mean we’re not good parents or people. Look around you… who do you see that always has all the answers. I bet you can’t think of anyone.

And if you can, it’s probably that Pinterest Mom I spoke about in my article It’s Okay to Not Be Perfect that I wrote a while back!

Remember — Pinterest mom also has flaws. You just don’t get to see those. It’s kind of like a million dollars, many of us have not seen it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

You’re never going to get everything perfect. In some instances, you may, and that’s awesome. Bask in the glory of it when it happens. However, don’t drown your sorrows in Ben and Jerry when you fall short.

We’re all just doing the best that we know how. Taking advice when it comes, using our own intuition and calling it a win when everyone is breathing when their head hits the pillow…

And although it isn’t popular to say — that’s good enough.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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