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New Words - Continued Growth

If you all are wondering what the obnoxiously large and uncommon words in my titles are for; these are the words of the day. Each post that I create will have a new word to learn and understand accompanied by a blog dedicated to parents/mothers. Why can't we expand our minds while hearing about when a child dumped paint all over the kitchen floor? NOW WE CAN.

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Focusing on the growth of mind or spirit is not a commonly suggested pastime today. Many people want to learn, sure, but they are learning things to earn income, make family changes or help someone with a problem. Specifically speaking, learning new jobs, how to buy a house or steps on how to file for divorce. These items are not learned just for the joy of gaining new knowledge. Although, when you find yourself at a dinner party with people you have just met, I'm sure a word or two will be spoken about what you know or what you've learned. Knowledge equals power, after all.

It's amazing to wonder what the world would be like if we all learned one new thing each day. Glorious, right? I have chosen to learn new words and am bringing you on my journey of learning too! Before you know it, some of the words you have learned will start to come up in everyday conversation. Or even to that new group of people you just met. Brownie points earned!


I have never considered myself an overly intelligent individual. To be honest, for a long time I continued to downplay my intelligence and tended to focus on other things that mattered. Like getting a standard 9 to 5 job and paying bills. It took me a while to realize that I was stunting my intellectual growth and that learning can be done everywhere. Not just a school. I mean, for heaven sakes we have the internet now! -- You can pretty much learn anything on any given day if you search for the right information.

With all that being said. Welcome, to my little patch of learning. Welcome, to my home away from home. Welcome, to my new 9 to 5. I hope you find it as fun, and helpful, as I do!

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