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New Item from Shein

Recently, I have been obtaining new items to add to my home and my wardrobe. Rather than maintaining the same wardrobe for years, as I have been doing most of my life, I am looking for ways to maintain an 'out with the old - in with the new' mentality. Same can be said for the new items I have been purchasing for my home.

This weekend, I received a new item purchased from the company Shein. An online location with some of the most adorable clothing items!

I began searching for items on Shein when I started sharing motherhood clothing on Benable. Items I have personally gained or would adore having one day in the future.

I have made a goal for myself to obtain at least one new clothing item from Shein a month to continue circulating my outfits and one new household item a month from Amazon rather than purchasing everything at WalMart or the Dollar Tree.

Although, I must note that I will still be obtaining items from Walmart and the Dollar Tree on occasion. (Love the prices!)

Here is the newest item!

This white long-sleeved shirt with an open shoulder is fantastic! The sleeves are a bit longer, which is something I have a hard time finding for myself. It has such a comfortable fabric... I could probably sleep in it.

I won't, but I could.

It is a bit see through, so I choose to wear this ribbed white tank top from, you guessed it, Walmart (that I snagged for $3) underneath it to keep it modest. This item was better than I anticipated it would be. I cannot wait to wear it on the next date night with Derrek!

If you have grabbed anything you love from Shein recently, let me know! I'd love to check out anything suggested!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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