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New Fashion Choices: Your Brain Is Telling a Story Through Your Clothes

I have always been the type to not care about what I wear. I would find something cheap or used and be perfectly fine.

"No one cares what I look like"

Became my mantra. May way of life even.

"People should care about what's in my head, not on my body."

For a long time, this is how I thought. Yet, I never stopped to think about how the clothes I wore made me feel. I had completely disregarded the most important person in my life.


I'm sure it sounds a bit selfish, but it's true. The only person I should care about that enjoys what I look like, is me.

You see, your brain tells a story through your choice of clothing. People can tell how you felt when you woke up, just by what you chose to wear.

  1. Old T-shirt and ripped jeans: I'm tired and ready to go home.

  2. Full pant suit with matching purse: I'm ready to take on the day.

  3. Mismatched pajamas: I didn't feel like doing laundry, leave me alone.

For some of us, this isn't something we notice. We just get up, get dressed and move on with the day. We're completely oblivious to the fact that our subconscious is letting everyone know how we're feeling.

I am the spokesperson for this.

For years, I would sit around my home in big baggy clothing. I would work hard at my job; I would take care of my home and I would tend to my children. However, I never stopped to think if I was giving myself the same care. When people would ask me if I was okay, I would get frustrated. It happened all the time. It wasn't until I started researching that I found out why they were always asking. My fashion choices were telling them that I was not happy. I wasn't taking pride in my appearance and that gave off an "I don't want to be here" or "leave me alone" vibe.

So, I took a stand and made changes.

Let's dive into the steps I chose to take:

  • Rearranged my house: Rather than just cleaning my house, as most of us do, I took the time to completely rearrange every room so that I could ensure every area was 100% cleaned. I dusted all furniture, I vacuumed every floor, I threw away anything we didn't need, and I washed the walls. Sometimes, a change of scenery can raise your happy meter.

  • I cut my hair: A new look can sometimes require drastic changes. I wanted to give myself a complete change of pace. Most of my life I have had shoulder-length hair or longer. Now, I have a pixie cut and I am feeling so sophisticated and free.

  • I chose to get dressed: I say it like that because anyone can get clothes on in the morning. I didn't just throw clothes on, I got dressed. I chose the right shirt and jeans, I picked out shoes that complimented the outfit, I found jewelry that matched my mood, and I put time into it. I asked myself questions like: Will I feel good wearing this? Will this be comfortable? Does this show others how I feel about myself?

  • I write myself a letter: Each morning, I sit at my computer, and I type myself a letter into my journal. Yes, I have a journal on my computer. I love it. I write about what I want to accomplish in my day, how I want to feel and what I want to provide to others. Also, I make a section dedicated to how I felt when I woke up, what I am stressed about and what I am excited about.


In two weeks, I went from,




And my office went from,




This transformation has taken about a month to accomplish all of these changes and I found that I am happier with who I am today, because of it.

Of course, there will be hiccups. Rome wasn't built in a day, after all. However, if I continue to remember my worth and take pride in who I am, I will succeed.


If you are still going through the motions and just picking through your closet at random each day, take a moment to step back. Put some pride on your appearance. Not for others, but for yourself. You'll be surprised at how different you feel when you do.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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