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New Book for Quitting Smoking: Would Anyone Read it?

Quitting smoking can be difficult for just about everyone. Personally, I have attempted to quit smoking more times than I can count. Recently, my husband and I have been conversing about my non-ability to follow through with quitting smoking and how much it bothers me.

I am aware there are not 368 days in a year, but I am adding 3 days for creation and publication.

I’ve tried everything. Cold turkey, cutting down, quit smoking apps, patches, gum, vapes and even attempted reading books about quitting smoking… nothing worked. I kept telling myself that if I kept trying, I would one day reach my goal. Yet… other days… I would fall into depression and feel that no matter how hard I tried, I never would.

The other night, my husband and I were talking about this very subject… yet again… and he brought up a fabulous idea:

Why don’t you write a book about it?

He continued to state that writing a book about my journey to sobriety from nicotine could help me along my path and possibly help others in the future. It was like a huge light went off above my head and I began to create. Let me know…. Would any of you enjoy a book like this?


Decided to quit smoking on 1.22.2023. Ironically, as I begin this book, I am smoking a cigarette. Unlike other quitting smoking books you may have read or thought about reading, this book is going to allow you to also track your day to day. You’re going to see how my progress is going each day and will be able to log your own progress along with me.

If you are reading upon these pages, I’ll assume you are looking for direction in order to stop smoking and jump onto a path to a healthier and happier life. Let me be clear, this is not an easy process. You are not going to magically gain an epiphany that makes you not need another cigarette ever again. You are going to run into stress, anxiety, frustrations and everything in between. You may even fall short and end up caving for just one more cigarette. Don’t let this stray you away from your overall goal. You CAN do this. You Will do this.

Ironically, while listening to the Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking for the 23rd time. That’s right, 23 different times. I learned about the nicotine monster so much… I dreamed about it. I created my own version of the nicotine monster in my head. A large lit cigarette with bloodshot eyes, a large terrifying grin and always puffing on its own cigarette.

I realized that after reading this book so much and still puffing away, I needed to resort to something different. Rather than read about quitting, I’ll write about it. Why not, I am a writer after all, and this will help push me toward my goal and hopefully assist others in their goals as well.

Before we begin, I want to be fully transparent. I am in no way a health expert. I don’t have any fancy degrees that make me a person to listen to regarding nicotine addiction. However, I have been a full-time smoker since age 13. This means that I have been murdering myself for 18 miserable years. That’s X amount of dollars lost, x amount of time wasted smoking instead of enjoying my life and x amount of time, trying to quit smoking.

Throughout this book, I will take you along my journey of the next 365 days as I build towards becoming a nonsmoker. Each day of stress and anxiety, each act of fighting withdrawal and tips and tricks I used to continue on my path to sobriety. I encourage you to attempt this journey along with me. If I can do it, anyone can.


This is the idea I have created for the introduction to the book I wish to create. I would love to hear your thoughts on if this may be something people would like to see and use to help them along their journey to a healthier life!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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