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Never Underestimate a Mama Bear: Tutelage

A mother bear will sacrifice her own life to protect her cubs. Human mothers do this as well. Have you ever heard the term "Never underestimate the power of a mama bear when her cubs are in danger"? It's a pretty commonly used term in today's world. You hear it on television shows, movies, and even in normal day-to-day life. The statement holds true.

Here you see a picture of my family, minus Leo, who was not yet born at the time this photo was taken. Take note at how all of my family is sitting, and I am standing over them with a prideful smile. I will hurl a flaming fork at you over my family. No offense. It's a maternal instinct that is grained into 90% of mothers across the globe. With the inevitability of changes coming in the world, this will be the constant that will always give me hope for humanity! That a mother will do whatever she can or has to; to protect her family from harm, sadness or despair. It's a beautiful thing.

The tutelage we show toward our children, even our nieces and nephews (when in range) is astounding. Even in the most minute issues; such as a scraped knee or a paper cut. We rush to save the day. Heaven forbid a person be the cause for our child's sadness. I don't think I've ever seen a woman as mad as I've seen one handle an issue where someone hurt their child.

At one point, I saw a mother walk into my children's school, threatening to call the police if something was not done about the little boy who tripped her daughter the day before. We chuckle when we hear stories similar to this, but they happen much more often than broadcasted.


Lately, we find that mothers may be going a bit overboard with their concerns for their children. Getting a little too loud when the ice-cream shop gives her child the wrong flavor, throwing things and filing complaints because her daughter didn't make the cheerleading team or publicly shaming a company on social media because her child wasn't hired. This is all a bit... much. I'm all for standing up for your little ones and aiding them in their time of need. However, not allowing them to deal with issues they will continuously run into during adulthood can hurt more than help. There's going to be sports teams they try out for and not make the cut, they are going to go to an interview and get that 'we regret to inform you' email, and they are going to get messed up orders at a restaurant. These are everyday occurrences. Let them live. But.. if someone hurts them.. well.. everyone looks good in orange.

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