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My Person Is Older! 21 Year Friendship

My very best friend Taylor Michael is another year older today.

This woman may be a mystery to you, as she is new to the medium platform… but to me, she is the world.

Taylor has done nothing but keep me grounded and mellowed me out since I was young. Taylor has always known how to curb my OCD and bring me back to reality, which is something that I cannot say for many people in my life.

She is a mother of 10 within her blended family. She works hard, is currently in school to obtain her bachelor’s degree and treats everyone with kindness and respect. (Even if they don’t deserve it.)

Throughout my life, I have found it difficult to make lasting friendships. This is mostly because of my off-putting personality. There are not a lot of people out there that enjoy someone who is brutally honest. They would rather someone lie about the little things to make themselves feel better. This is something I cannot do… and many people have flown the coop from me because of it.

But not Taylor.

Tay gets upset with me when I choose to censor myself or I apologize for being who I am. She encourages me to be who I am.

When I met Taylor, we were very young. We would sit and talk about the things we wanted to do with our lives, how we wanted to get away from the hole-in-the-wall town we were living in and how we wanted to have and raise families.

I’m sure that during those talks, we never pictured our lives to be how they are now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I’m sure in our childish minds, we were thinking of these lavish lifestyles we would lead with our flying cars and all the money we could ever need.

Together, we learned that life doesn’t paint as pretty of a picture as the movies we watched led us to believe.

However, even though we may not have all the money in the world or the nicest of things you can buy, we have something that many people spend their lives searching for.

  1. Loving families.

  2. Unconditional friendship.

  3. Respect for ourselves and others.

Taylor realized, earlier than I did, that the world wasn’t all hearts and flowers. That it was going to be hard work to keep afloat on this large circular rock.

While I fell into statistics and planning as a way to get through it, she fell into a compassionate and empathetic way of doing things.

Although our ways of life are extremely different, we complement each other in the best of ways. When I’m overbearing myself with my own rules and regulations… Tay is always there to remind me the world isn’t always zeros and ones. And when she falls into frustrations because she feels she’s falling behind somewhere, I’m always there to give her options, help set up a plan or just to listen.

I could not ask for a better person to call my friend in this life.

On top of all of the things I just mentioned, Taylor is also a phenomenal writer, must better than I. (Although she would not agree) — Check out the piece below and be blown away by this amazing person.

When The Fairytale Ends… (Or at least the spell gets broken.) This one might get a little messy…

Happy Birthday to my Person, the Ying to my Yang… my other half.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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