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My Daughters Disturbing Toy: Huggy Wuggy

Lillian is my six-year-old daughter. She is a spirited child with a heart of gold and does her best to be, as she puts it, the best kid ever.

About a week or so ago, we took the kids to the mall for some family shopping. We allowed the kids to spend $25 each on whatever they wanted. Hunter chose a gaming controller, Samuel found earbuds and some game he’s excited about, Leo chooses everything he could grab and then… there was Lillian.

Lillian wanted some candy and…. This….

This, dear readers, is Huggy Wuggy. A character from YouTube that Lil enjoys watching. Yes, it is just as disturbing as it looks, and it scares our two-year-old.

She loves this thing and takes it everywhere with her. She even asks me to take care of it while she’s at school. She doesn’t know it, but I put it in the cabinet.

That thing gives me the creeps.

Why do children have to choose some of the most awkward toys to fall in love with? When I was young, it was dolls, Brittney Spears CDs, Hit clips and inline skates.

I asked my mother… there was nothing like this creepy doll that was around back then. Maybe this is just one of the changes that happen with children's interests over the years, and I’m sure when Leo is 6 the interests will have changed again.

Regardless on if it does or doesn’t… I’m still going to put that thing in the cabinet when Lillian isn’t around.


🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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