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Mothers Are the Holders

Mothers are always seen as the holder of everything throughout the household.

  • Holder of the money.

  • Holder of the keys.

  • Holder of the WI-FI password.

  • Holder of the snacks.

  • Holder of the options.

For not just their children, but their husbands too.

Think about it, when was the last time your husband came to ask you where HIS wallet was?

Ah, you're getting the picture now.

Being the holder of everything can put a large amount of added stress upon your lap to where you feel like you're drowning. Like you can never have an off day or be ill.

I suppose that's why they say mom's never get a sick day.

Even though we are the holder of everything our families want and need, we are also the holder of things that give us reason to continue on.

  • Holder of the little hand when times get hard.

  • Holder of your spouse's heart.

  • Holder of the tissues when your loved ones are sad.

  • Holder of the remote during family movie night.

  • Holder of the ear that will listen to your baby's stories.

You see. Mothers are the holders of everything. Everything that makes you want to scream and everything that makes your world whole.

Be proud that you are the holder. Take your job on with pride.

You never know what you may need to hold onto next.

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