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Moms: Your Children Save You

I read a story by Nargis Kizalbash that was shared by a dear friend of mine on Facebook. This article weaved a tale describing what transpires between a mother and baby during pregnancy.

“For 41 weeks, the cells mix and circulate back and forth, and after the baby is born, many of these cells remain in the mother’s body, leaving a permanent imprint in the tissues, bones, brain and skin of the baby to mother, and they often remain there for decades.” — Nargis Kezalbash

The writer goes on to advise that if a mother's heart has gained damage, the cells from the infant will rush to the heart and become what is needed in order to repair it.

Okay, so this happens each time a mother is pregnant. Even if she is unable to bring the child to term or has an abortion. The child will live within the mother for years! Some, even after the child is 18.

With all of this information. I started to realize that my children have taken care of me much more than I’ve taken care of them.


My first born and my clone. Samuel is a courageous 12-year-old boy with a heart of gold. So much love and empathy to give.

Before becoming pregnant with Samuel, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Within my adolescent years. I was pale and losing weight fast at age 19. No doctor could confirm the issues and assumed it was connected to my previous diagnosis. My (now ex) father-in-law assumed I was on drugs. However, 6 months into my pregnancy with Samuel… The issues began to fade. My color came back, and I (obviously) was gaining weight like crazy. I went from 118lbs to 216lbs in 9 months. I have never had that specific issue again and the Doctors still have not been able to confirm the reason for the ailments.


My linebacker with more emotions than me. This child would give you the shirt off his back and then some. Such a sweet soul.

After Hunter’s birth, I developed something called a heart stop. Shortly after his birth, my heartrate dropped to 17bpm and I passed out in my home. The doctor could not explain the cause for the issue and began tests. 4 months after this the doctor started to tell me that I was getting better but I had not yet been diagnosed and was given no medications.


Sweet Lillian is the apple of my eye, with a halo…. and the horns to hold it up. She is my opinionated little spit fire. The keeper to my heart.

Before I met Derrek, my heart had taken a turn for the worse. It started to lower at different times to where I would black out. Once, when I was driving and ran into a corn field. I was getting sweat tests, stress tests and tabletop tests. I was seeing multiple doctors for different possibilities. Still, no one was able to confirm a concrete cause. Then I got pregnant. Shortly after I met Derrek… (like 7 days). Three months into the pregnancy I began to get better. It was astonishing to my doctors.

I have been telling people for years that it was the love and compassion from my husband that healed my heart — but now I believe, I may have been mistaken.


I never got the chance to meet you, or even hear your voice. But mommy loves you with all her heart.

I did not have any medical changes during her birth.


My youngest and most rambunctious. Curls like Shirley Temple, with a much cuter smile.

Forever mommy’s baby.

Shortly before he came, I was having medical issues that closely resembled Lupus. All of my tests kept returning with Negative written on them. However, when I became pregnant with Leo, once again, my medical issues seemed to lower.


I tell you these stories, to tell you this. Each time my body has betrayed me, my children have been the heroes and saved me. Without even knowing it, they have been keeping me alive for 12 years. Knowing this, there is no way that I will ever be able to repay them for what they have and still do for me.

Hug your children a little tighter today because they could be literally saving your life at this very moment.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Originally published on August 2022

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