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Mom Birthdays

Today is my birthday, and as I was getting my children ready for school, I realized that mom birthdays aren't the same as other birthdays. Even if you are planning this big blowout party or outing, your morning still feels just like any other morning. Kids screaming and can't find their shoes, husband can't find something inside the house, and you probably still have to go to work. (Unless of course, you're lucky enough to have your birthday fall on an off day)

What if you don't have a special evening planned for your birthday? What do you do then?

Take me for example, I have to work today - 12 to 8:30 pm. My husband has to work 9pm to 5:30 am.... and from 8 am to 11:30 my husband sleeps before I leave for work. As you can see, not a whole lot of time for fun and games. Not to mention my birthday falls on a Thursday so it's not a huge day for parties and fun anyhow.

Here are some options I have planned for my birthday evening (and some other options I found entertaining)

First, we'll start with my plans.

  1. First, I plan on getting the littles to bed. Their bedtime is 9 so I normally have 9 to 9:30 where I am consistently reminding them to go to sleep.

Then, once they are all slumbering, I have gotten my things together to have a nice hot bath with candles and classical music. (And bath bombs!)

3. I got my softest and warmest robe to wear after the bath and my favorite night outfit!

4. Once I've gotten clean and cozy - It's time to enjoy myself. I am going to listen to a chapter of my current Audible book I am reading for my book club this month! I HIGHLY recommend it! - Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak

5. After my book I am going to watch one of my favorite movies in the whole world (nope, not Harry Potter) - I have chosen Book Club!

My night doesn't sound like a hoot and a half - but for me it's going to be relaxing and just what the doctor ordered, as they say.

Now, Time for some other options that I have found that may also be of some interest to you...

  1. Schedule a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant for you and your spouse, family or closest friends on the closest off day you have.

  2. Plan a couple's card game for after work on the day of your birthday. Get your best couple friends prepared for a fun game night at your house to celebrate your big day.

  3. Binge watch your favorite television program. Grab some snacks and your favorite comfort drinks and relax in the same spot for hours - even if the kids are joining you or just playing in their rooms.

Give yourself a facial. Lay in your bed and relax (even if you have to wait for bedtime like me) turn on some relaxing music and feel your stress slipping away.

5. Put all the things you're worried about on the back burner for just a few hours and focus on you and your family. (This one can be hard but is helpful)


When we became parents, our birthdays became a bit less eventful. We stopped going out and drinking till dawn, and started doing things within our home or outings that were kid oriented.

Just because we don't have the ability to go out every chance we get anymore doesn't mean we can't find ways to enjoy the life we've been given. And I know that once we hit a certain age, we start counting backwards on our birthdays or staying the same age each year... but the amount of times we have circled the sun does not define who we are. We are only as old as we feel.

The moral to this post is to remind us that we should celebrate our life. Even if that celebration is small and is only meaningful to us.

I hope your next birthday is just as amazing as you hope it to be.

&& even though mine might sound dull to some, I am more excited about it than I was about going to Vegas back in 2017. I'm sure that's a sign I'm getting older.

Oh... before you ask... I'm 32.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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