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Minions or Gremlins?

Similar to what you see in the movie Despicable Me -- my Minions are taking over!

I am LOVING today's word. A minion is a servile follower. Someone that is under you and follows your direction. I.E -- My kids = My minions. Well, kind of. I wouldn't describe them as 100% servile.

These tiny humans, minions, gremlins; whatever you feel the need to call them, are my world. Although there are times when they make me want to scream loudly for a long period in the solitude of my car. It's fine... everything's fine. Every day, I wake up with the assumption that I will be ready to take on the minions. Each day is the same. One needs to get ready to go to physical school, one needs to login to at home learning, one wants to draw pictures and the youngest continues to watch the same CocoMelon episode over and over again. So, if it's the same thing, why do I always end up feeling overwhelmed?

It's because, although I am aware of what the day holds, the back of my mind continues to hope for a different outcome. A more relaxing day, a day with no questions or messes to clean up. We all know, with having young children, this is a slim to none possibility. Even so, my mind cannot help but try to hope for these scenarios. Instead, as you read before, the minions have taken over. My daily life is consumed with bathroom accidents, menial fights over what cartoon goes on the television and whining (from all four children, at different times, for different reasons). It's never ending.

It would be a fib to say that I don't envy the mothers I see on other blogs or on television shows. Despite all their children, their demanding jobs and their chores at home; these women are still able to create lunch dates with friends, can afford to plan couples vacations and even take bubble baths while reading books. I would give anything to be able to just listen to an audible while I take a bath, let alone read an actual book with physical pages. Shoot, I'm lucky if I'm able to thoroughly rinse out my shampooed hair before I get a knock on the door asking for something. Even with their father sitting right in the next room. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they plan it that way because it never fails.

Reading back through my writing, I can now honestly say I don't have minions. Minions cater to whatever their master/parent needs. My children are more like the gremlins. Destructive, obnoxious and crazy if fed after midnight. Yeah, Gremlins. I think that hit the nail right on the head. What about you? Are your children minions or gremlins?

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