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Love and Loss: Stillbirth

Today's Post is a poem taken from my book It's Not Poetry: The Innermost Thoughts of a Stressed-Out Housewife. This poem is about Stillbirth, a tragic event that expresses when a child passes away before birth.

RIP Violet Jade Myst Tacket 8.25.2017

Hollow and dark

Feeling of dread and despair

Not even the most intelligent could comprehend

Shaken and scared

Although on the outside you look put together

Showing your broken pieces would create doubt on your abilities

Relieved and afraid

The nightmares are finally over

Wondering how you will now live with the result

A new dawn approaches

That of which they call rainbow

A smile like gold

Pain seems to meld away like ice in a glass

Scar never fades

Still showing the history

But signs there are lights through the darkness

Remind you not all is lost.

Originally Published in It's Not Poetry: The Innermost Thoughts of a Stressed-out Housewife on Amazon in February 2022.

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