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Life Lessons from School

Do you remember when you were in high school? When your teachers used to tell you that what you did in their classes would help you in the real world.

I don’t know about you, but I never have found myself practicing quadratic equations for my employment or at any other point of my adulthood.

However, if I had a class that taught me how to balance a check book, teach me how to create a budget or gave me the tools to stomach cleaning up puke every other day! Now that would be something I’d use on the daily.

Come on, of course I’ve used some things I learned in grade school. If not, I would not be able to spell out the words and create the sentences to form this article. Shit, I wouldn’t be able to type on this keyboard.

It’s amazing, isn’t it. The things we take for granted that we learned in school.

Let’s take a glimpse into the things I took from my school life:

  • I learned… that it’s not okay to tell another person they look fat in their dress as a helpful tidbit. People don’t take too kindly to that, and you could end up covered in chocolate milk. (Or so I’ve heard.)

  • I learned that teachers tend to pay closer attention to children who are having intellectual trouble, who always cause a scene and who brown nose a whole lot. This is no fault of their own, it’s human nature to find the individuals around you that need you the most.

  • I learned that just because someone says they’re your friend, doesn’t mean they are.

  • I learned that you can be great at something and still not be the center of attention.

  • I learned that coloring inside the lines is a suggestion. There are some amazingly famous artists out there that look as though they took their dinner plate and slammed it on a canvas. Ta-Da! Art!

I'm sure there are some intellectual things that I have kept from my youthful school days, but the lessons listed above are the most important to me. Through school I was able to learn important life lessons that you can't get from a textbook. The feelings that came with those experiences can't be shown to you on a chalkboard. You have to be in that situation.

Of course, I could go on and on about how I felt, what I did and how I went through it. For a lot of you, this may be enough for you to understand, but for some, you may still be confused.

The reason for this is because we all handle situations differently.

What I took from elementary and high school - someone else may have learned for themselves in college. Or if you're lucky, you learned things like this by watching others go through these situations. Those lessons learned are my favorite. All the information you need and none of the blowback.

What about you? What did you take from elementary school? If it was paste, I promise not to tell the teacher.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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