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Kids: Yup, They’re Going to Destroy Your House

Clean, Vacuum, Laundry, Dishes… repeat. Don’t you wish you could stop the cycle for just a day or two. Hell, even a couple of hours would be nice for me.

Having four growing children in your home is a blessing as well as a curse. I get to watch them grow, learn and laugh.

I also get to watch them destroy my home as if they are Godzilla attacking Tokyo. (Note my oldest child trying to summon the Gods of terror in the photo above)

My mother used to tell me that she wished I would have children just like me when I was older. I think she wished too hard because I got what she wished for. TIMES 4.

Each one of them got some form of my personality. All of them got their cleanliness from someone else. I have been weird about being clean for as long as I can remember. The idea of leaving food on a table, clothes on the floor or empty cans laying around makes my skin crawl.

However, they have no problem with any of those things. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to get that done. It’s problematic for me.

The reason for this…. I HAVE TO DO ALL THE CLEANING!

Because if I don’t, I’ll go insane. I don’t mean screaming insane either… I mean hiding in the bathroom taking a shower with my clothes on insane. The kind of insanity that gets resolved with a snapped episode or with intensive therapy…

I am aware I have a bit of OCD. I’m dealing with it… It’s fine… Everything’s fine.

I am aware I am not the only one that goes through this endless cycle of events. Many of you are in your heads going….

“Preachin’ to the choir girl.”

I know, because that’s what I was thinking as I was writing it.

Our children may be testing our patience with the continuous destructions of our households, but I have some news that may be of some interest to you.

One day, those children are going to grow. When they grow, they’re going to obtain homes… homes you can visit….

And destroy.

You’re welcome. Gonna be so much fun! I’ve already planned my process…

  • Walk in and leave the door open.

  • Throw my shoes and coat on the floor. (Bonus points if they’re muddy)

  • Raid the refrigerator.

  • Empty things and put the containers back where I found them rather than throwing them away.

  • Grabbing crackers, no, not to eat, to crumble up and put in the couch.

  • Renting pay per movies… watching 10 minutes and moving on to something else.

  • Order a bunch of crap from Amazon off of the Echo.

After doing all of this, I’m going to act oblivious and angered when questioned about all of it.

I am aware that they won’t understand why I’ve done all of this, but inside I will be throwing a party.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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