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Kids Say the Darndest Things

On Friday of last week, Derrek and I took our two youngest children out to the store to shop for our two older boys for Christmas.

On our way to the store, we started asking Lillian about her day at school and how she was doing.

I immediately started saving notes of what she was saying to write this post because I couldn’t stop laughing so hard.

Here are some of my favorite things she stated:

I cleaned his area:

We were asking Lillian what she did to get the PINK color in class that day (which means she went above and beyond for her class). She said she helped another student. When we asked how… she gave this statement. What she meant was that she helped him clean his desk.

He put his face on my face:

Lillian was telling us about a mean boy in her class who always gets in trouble. What she meant by this statement was that he got in her face…

You should have seen the look on Derrek's face when she said it the way she did. I thought he was going to pass out lol.

I’m not here for Spanish right now mom:

Okay… we were at a Mexican restaurant, and I told Lillian to say Gracias to the waitress. When I explained to her that Gracias means thank you in Spanish… this was her response... I was mortified.

Why can’t I use my normal voice to them?:

This was her additional question after the waitress left the table. What she meant was, “Why can’t I speak English.” — After belly laughing until my ribs hurt… I explained to Lillian that she could speak English if she wanted, I was just trying to teach her something new.


I realized this is a common thing in our household. Listening to our children say hilarious things, I mean. I may do more of this type of piece in the future if I get enough content for it lol. However, I realized that we are not the only household where this happens. My cousin Ashley has a young daughter who has a similar personality.

Check this out:

Addilee was feeding her new baby. She was getting frustrated because she was trying to mix up the baby food and things weren’t going well. The doll kept saying, “I’m hungry mommy”. I offered to help and she said, “I mean honestly, how do they expect moms to take care of these babies when they need to eat all of the time?!!” In the midst of the frenzy, she had made a disaster. I told her to pick up her mess and throw away the trash. As she was walking to the garbage can she said, “I am the momma. I am the momma. Lord give me strength to take care of this child. I am the momma. This is my job. God help me. This is MY job. Where is this kid’s dad??! Does this baby have an off button??”

And that pretty much sums up motherhood.

I was given permission to place this into this piece by Addilee’s mother to aid to my original concept.

Kids say the darndest things……

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Tackett

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