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Keeping Your Blog Up to Date

I have been running this blog dedicated to mothers and parenting for almost a year.

I write about everything from things my children do, new shopping options for mothers/parents on Amazon and Things going on in the world of a millennial mother.

There are so many people who are starting their own blogs and are looking for tips and tricks to stay up to date. Which is one of the most important things a blogger can do. Your viewers are looking for new blogs consistently, at least once a week. Bloggers should be aware of who is viewing their content, how often and what days their site is receiving the most traffic. Aiding to your readers is what is going to help your blog thrive!

This article is for those looking for methods to keep their blog up to par with the many others available today. Things such as scheduling posts, tools for publishing the right things at the right time and even getting guest bloggers to put pieces on the site!

Finding Time to Post:

One way to keep your blog flowing with the trends and topics people are looking for is to post on a regular basis. Some choose to post daily, whereas others may only post once a week. Just like a regular 9–5, you need to give yourself a specific set amount of time daily or weekly to dedicate to research and creation of your blogs. Starting a plan for each week can help this process move smoothly. There are going to be times where you are unable to get out a blog, and that’s understandable. However, setting specific working times can keep that issue to a minimum.

Using your tools to your advantage:

If you know there are days where you are going to be unable to write. Either due to a vacation or unexpected issue, you can create your content and schedule those to post on the day’s you are going to be unavailable.

If you run into an issue that needs your immediate attention and you have not had the ability to prepare for it, you can create a post dedicated to the issue and inform your readers of the timeframe that you will be unable to post content. As long as this is not a consistent issue, your readers will understand.

Hiring Guest Bloggers:

You may want to hire a guest blogger to assist you in getting posts present on your site.

This is something that I have not yet gotten done. It’s currently a work in progress and I am hoping to have some guest bloggers present on my site before the end of 2023! Time will tell. Giving your readers some variety by providing a different writers perspective on your content. This can pique the interest of current readers and if your guest blogger has a consistent following of their own — it can get some new traffic to flow your way! However, keep in mind that your dedicated readers may have a negative experience from this change. So, keep a look out for comments, messages and emails regarding the new content to see how your views are taking it in.

If you are worried of how your readers may react to this decision. You can choose to create a post with a poll asking who would or would not be interested in seeing writing by other bloggers on your site. If the reaction is positive then go for it, if the reaction is negative… you may want to look into other options or continue on your current path. Do what is going to keep your readers returning.

Bloggers have so many different options today that were not available years ago. Knowing what options are out there and understanding what the audience wants to see are the best tools to keep your blog up to date!

Keep writing, keep interacting and keep growing!

You all are going to do amazing things!

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

Originally published on August 2022

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