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Keeping Track of Your Child's Diet: And Everything Else!

Have you ever run into an issue where you are told to limit your child's diet?

No, I don't mean putting them on a diet. As doctors to everything in their power to avoid that.

However, they can ask you to watch their portion sizes and monitor their food intake when your child is too heavy or too small.

How about being given both sides of the spectrum? That's right. I'm being told to lower a child's calorie intake and increase another's.

Do you understand how difficult that is Dr. Smiles? I have to monitor what one child puts into their mouth while doing everything in my power to get the other one to eat. On top of watching two other children who apparently have very normal eating habits.

I'm nothing if not accommodating when it comes to medical concerns, but I have so much to remember...

  • I have one that can't have red dyes.

  • One that knows how to use the bathroom but doesn't like to.

  • One with ADHD.

  • One with Asthma.

  • One that takes daily medication.

  • One that now requires meal portion control.

  • Three that get Moon Burn.

  • All of them take different sunscreen types.

  • One has a med appointment every three months.

  • One has therapy once a month.

  • Two that have outside visits with their biological fathers.

To say I have to be organized is the understatement of the century. Other parents reading this understand what I mean.


Back to the original information.

Being told to do something for your child is simple, or at least it's supposed to be. As a parent, you want to give your child everything they want in life. In this scenario... my child wants to eat... a lot. Having to limit him daily gives me an ache in my stomach that I can't shake. I do it. I'm aware that this is going to keep him healthy. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

And of course, let's not forget the one I have to fill with more food. This is a little easier for me. All I have to do is suggest more portions little by little. He doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes he'd rather sit on his cell phone then eat... which I expected to happen with one of them... except he wasn't the one I was thinking of.

Let's take a poll.

How many things, as a parent, do you have to keep consistent track of?

  • 5

  • 10

  • 15

  • More than I care to admit.

See!? We're not the only ones with a lot on our plates.

🧡Shine Bright, Kayla

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